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Lower Primary - Ms Beth

Blossoming Ideas

And so, the Who am I topic has come to a spectacular finale… Throughout the term the children have explored their own identities and thought carefully about how they would like to present themselves to the world.

The S.M.A.K museum provided the children with endless inspiration to many new ways of thinking about self-portraits as the artwork there provided so much more information than just the physical appearance of an artist. The art alluded to more about their own personalities, culture and background. This inspired the children to develop their own curiosity boxes showing others a window into their soul. Using a multi-media approach, the children began to manipulate materials into beautiful treasures to fill their boxes with each child expressing themselves through a hundred different languages. From caves of wonder to castles for Kings, the boxes are tailormade to each individual and the children would like to invite you to come and guess which box belongs to them…

Continuing their exploration of the Who am I topic and inspired by the Fire Children, the children have been unveiling the mysteries of how the...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Erica

Who Am I?

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic autumn break and are feeling rested and ready to begin another fun-filled term.

In literacy, the children have been working extremely hard at writing their very own creation myths. They began by creating and developing the characters in their stories by making beautiful masks and then interviewing one another to really delve into their creator and how they made the world. They recorded their thoughts through story mapping; a process that helped them develop their ideas and think carefully about the beginning, middle and end of their stories. They then took these ideas and translated their story maps into a storyboard. Finally, the children choose to record their creation myths as beautifully illustrated books, like the much-loved Fire Children original. We invite you all to come and have a look outside our classroom where they are on display for all to enjoy.

We have been getting out and about in nature as much as possible and have been developing many skills such as cooperation and resilience through these valuable outdoor experiences. The children have also been using...Read the full article

exit point, IPC, knowledge, learning, Skills and Understanding, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

Amazing Project!

Welcome back to our blog!

By now the children feel more comfortable in the class as they are now used to the new routines and the new challenges. Good job everybody!

Skills, knowledge and understanding. These are the three new words our class has been exploring and reflecting over. In class we have been discussing about these three types of learning, and the children are becoming aware of the meaning and the difference between them. This process will allow them to be aware that different types of learning is happening in the classroom.

For our IPC unit we visited the museum of modern art here in Gent (SMAK) to explore and study some portraits. It was a very fructiferous visit, our guide gave us lots of information and really inspired us to create original portraits back in our classroom.

We created a mosaic-portrait using pieces of glass and paper. It was interesting to play with colours to create the different contours of the face.

In the classroom we learned that portraits have been important in the history of art. We studied a famous artist who created wonderful self-portraits, Frida Kahlo...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Mr Michael

Family and Friends

The first unit (Family and Friends) is over and the children worked hard. They showed resilience when needed. Resilience was the personal value of October and we will work with a new personal value in November.

The children have sequenced their day at home. What do you do during a day at home and in which order? They chose pictures representing different tasks and activities and numbered them. The pictures were cut out and sequenced. This was made into a book called “My day at home”.

During the unit the children discovered different painting techniques and material. When we made our family tree, we tried mixing oil pastel crayons with water colours. They also drew their family and cut out leaves. They were all very proud of the result!

For planning the Exit point of our unit, we discussed how we could invite the parents and how we would make them feel welcome. Together we decided that nibbles and a personal gift would be a nice welcome. The children welcomed the parents on a Friday afternoon and showed them our classroom. It was a nice end to a nice unit.

Before the autumn holiday the children had a...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Narissa

Falling into Autumn in MP2


What a great start to the school year we have had! We welcomed a new student, Tess, from Belgium and have been getting to know our little school family and our sister class Middle Primary 1 as we continue to learn and experience more together.


In October the leaves finally started to fall while MP2 were learning about the Victorian Times and how life was different for children then in workhouses and schools. We imagined what it might be like to visit a workhouse as a reporter in these times and wrote about the conditions and what we saw. To finish off our IPC unit ‘The Generation Game’ we paid a visit to Huis van Alijn to have a tour of many items used through different generations, including an old school room.

In Literacy we have now learnt all aspects of the Daily 5 and can Read to self, Work on Writing, use Word Work, Listen to Reading and Read to Someone, independently and with confidence. There is some great work going on in our class and we are becoming better readers and writers!


In Numeracy we completed our half term ‘check in’ test! Both Year 3 and Year 4 have been...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Inbal

Family and Friends

Lower Pre-Primary had lots of fun learning about ‘Family and Friends. We have been talking about the pattern of our day and made zigzag books in which we recorded four activities that we do every morning. We went outside to collect leaves, sticks and acorns and together we made a beautiful natural pattern. We sang a song about activities that we do every day such as eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, taking a bath and getting dressed. The children were excited to give a real bath to our baby dolls! They washed them with soap and water and dried them up with a towel. They even read them a story before putting them to sleep.  

We learned about the differences between small and tall by sorting photos and objects into their groups. We also measured the children in LPP and saw who is the smallest and the tallest child in class. We read a book about different types of families and talked about how our school is also like a family with new friends and people who help and care about us. It inspired us to make beautiful cards to our friends at ISG. It was great fun visiting our friends and giving them the little present we...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Rebecca

Learning is always fun!!!

Dear families,

Such an incredible month of learning in Middle Primary. The children have focused on lots of new learning and are proving to be a very solid class. They are very attentive and helpful to each other…this makes for such a happy classroom environment.

In numeracy the pupils have been challenged with fractions, but they have learnt to multiply and divide with fractions and their understanding of subtracting with 2 digits is becoming stronger. They have been learning to subtract and add money with a decimal which can be tricky but they have grasped this new learning.

We shared at assembly and in pairs the children acted out how it is to be poor and how easy it is to help others. During this time our class informed the school of how we are going to help those less fortunate by starting a collection of clothes and some toys for the refugees. We are very grateful for all the donations and after the break we will ensure that these items reach the NGO which will transport all these items to try to keep these people a little warmer this winter.

In IPC we looked at and discussed what it might feel...Read the full article