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Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

They see the world like this

There has been a lot happening in Upper Primary over the last few weeks; missing Miss Jenny, studying a new IPC unit, welcoming new students and saying goodbye to others.
We said good-bye to Martina and wished her and her family an exciting, new start back in Spain. The students were very happy to have Vitor and Matheus return from Brazil and we welcome Ally from Mongolia and had a visit from Maria who will join us in January. We’re so happy to have you join our class, welcome!

The students have been really enjoying our new IPC unit, exploring the world from different perspectives, learning about what it means to be an artist, how to use and boost our creativity and how different famous artists have seen and do see the world.

We started our unit with a short tour of the local area, recording our impressions of sights, smells and sounds with photos, videos, drawings and notes.

The students were then able to communicate their impressions of the local area (and our host country Belgium!) through an art form of their choice. Year 2 and 4 particularly enjoyed the music, drama, dance, sculpture and...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

All about transport

We started our new unit of work with a successful entry point. We took our favourite teddy bears on a transport journey. We explained our teddy bears how to wait patiently to the public transportation. We showed them how a tram ticket looks like and explained our teddies how important it is to sit during the ride. We really enjoyed riding the tram and the bus, we held our teddy bears and showed them the view from the window. We had a lovely picnic and had a lot of fun playing at the playground.

On our way back, we took the teddy bears through a secret tunnel and they were super excited! We got back to school tired but so happy. Thank you to Sally’s mum who joined our trip and helped us a lot and always with a smile.

The children love to learn about transport. They ask many questions and have creative ideas such as creating a pink bus that will take us quickly to Japan.

We are very busy creating our own boat, vehicles, train and aeroplane out of boxes. We looked at different photos and had to...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 3/4

A wonderful term

Year 3 and 4 pupils have had a great term so far. New pupils have joined us and we welcome Embla from Canada, Riya from India and Achbold from Magnolia. We are also eager to welcome Elias who will be joining us in January.

This term we have a lot of birthdays. We have already celebrated Lucia, Phoevos, Zo’s and Geffen’s birthday, and soon we will celebrate Zahra and Javier’s birthday

Our new IPC-unit is all about Fashion. Students will learn about fashion and trends in the past and what might have influenced these. They will design their own costume out of recycled material.
and learn about what is considered fashionable in their home countries.

In Literacy both year 3 and year 4 pupils are working on grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. We created our own storyboard based on a short animation series called Tinga Tinga. We looked at why a chameleon changes his colours. This is on Display outside our classroom, please come have a look at your child’s work. They did a great job.
During reading sessions, students work on their language skills – we are well set into our reading...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

Energetic November

Dear all,

Welcome back to our blog.

In numeracy and literacy we have been revising for our end of term assessments. But we have also been focusing on reading comprehension and our writing skills. They are making lovely progress in both areas.

Our Entry Point for our latest IPC unit ‘Fashion’ brought the children to the Cat walk. Some wore traditional clothing, others wore their favourite outfit and some children opted to share photos of clothing from their home countries. It was a fun moment of sharing our tastes in clothing.
They children have been researching about clothing and accessories from prehistoric times to The Viking era, from Africa to New Zealand. In groups they made presentations on their findings. They all agree that there is a curious difference from one country to another when it comes to clothing be now or many years ago. The Year 2’s have been learning to draw clothing through sketching and this will lead to them making their own design. They have also been learning to weave hats or scarves and this is wonderful for their hand and eye co-ordination.

The children were...Read the full article

Lower-Primary, Year 1

Nature Knowledge!

In Year 1, we have been learning all about trees and the nature that surrounds us through our IPC topic ‘Our World’. We kicked off the month learning about Andy Goldsworthy who is an artist and sculptor who makes art using natural materials. We collected leaves, acorns, twigs and the like and used them to make our own nature pictures on the playground. We had so much fun making them and the results were beautiful!

We have also been discovering how to identify trees. Our local tree expert (aka Dina, Nikos’ mum) came into school and did a wonderful lesson with us where the children learned to identify and measure the height of the trees on our playground. The children then chose a tree and made a sketch of it. They are currently using all they learned to make a book all about their tree which will be hanging outside our classroom shortly.

In Literacy we have been busy with speaking and listening and have been retelling stories. We read the book The Elephant and the Bad Baby and have made up our own story by changing some story elements. Year 1 then drew a storyboard of their new version. To finish, we went down to...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

November in Middle Pre-Primary

Hello parents, friends, family, and visitors,

We have dived right in to the month of November here in the Middle Pre-Primary classroom.  The rain and cooler temperatures have certainly not dampened our spirits, and the children are as eager to learn as ever!

Our month started out with a trip to a wonderful farm in Drongen.  The children were so very excited to leave school on their first field trip this year.  At the farm we milked a goat (and tasted the warm, creamy milk!), performed in a circus show with a silly chicken, held rabbits and guinea pigs, fed sheep, took a ride on a horse-drawn cart, and asked many questions about a neighbouring fox that sneaks onto the farm at night.  The children were captivated by the idea of this fox and insisted on seeing a picture taken by the farm’s night camera.  You never know what will capture their imaginations and interest! 

We also left school for a fun Entry Point field trip for our IPC transport unit.  We navigated around Ghent using buses and trams to get to a special park filled with forests, streams, and a playground.  The children brought stuffed animals...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Autumn and Transport!

After returning from the mid-term holiday the children in upper pre-primary celebrated the beautiful season of Autumn. They painted and printed Autumn leaves, made hedgehog pictures by finger painting, learnt songs and a lovely poem about a hedgehog! We had a fantastic visit to a farm where the children got to hold, pet and feed the animals. They even got to milk a goat and then drink the milk immediately! What a great experience!

We are also well under way with our new unit of work ‘Transport’. For our ‘entry point’ we went on a mystery trip with our cuddly toys! We took them on tram 2 then on bus number 78 which brought us to our surprise destination – a lovely park with a playground! We had a snack at the park and lots of fun playing! Afterwards we took tram 1 and tram 2 to return to the school. It was a lovely opportunity to link our learning at school with the outside world!

The classroom has been a busy hive of activity with lots of learning! The children have been learning about transport now and transport long ago. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a picture...Read the full article