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Upper Pre-Primary

Bears,bears everywhere!

I would like to give a warm welcome to Leo who joined our class from China. He is a lovely boy who has quickly become part of the group.

From start to finish our IPC unit on bears has been super fun and filled with learning! I think I have quite a few bear specialists in my class now! During our work on bears the children’s learning has covered many subjects such as geography, nature, language and arts and crafts.

We began the unit with our entry point which was a teddy bear picnic. The children themselves wrote about the entry point which is displayed in our classroom. They prepared sandwiches and fruit for the picnic, which took place in the gym (due to rainy weather conditions!) along with the middle and lower pre-primary classes. We enjoyed a yummy picnic with our teddy bears followed by bear games and races.

Back in the class we made little beds with blankets for our teddies!

The children made beautiful bear portraits of their own bears using wax crayons, they are becoming great little artists!

The children have learnt about the 8 species of bears – the Asian black bear,...Read the full article

Middle Primary

Outdoor learning is fun

Hello everyone,

With this beautiful season here, Middle Primary have been exploring the wonders of soil and plant life. The children have learnt all about seeds through classification, comparison and contrast, and hands-on planting experiences. They can now recognise the roots, stems, leaves and flowers as parts of plants, and   we also understand how the parts work together to help the plant. We have been observing and recording the germination of seeds in the classroom, and have planted them. So curious to see the growth of our bean plants!

There has been lots of gardening going on, from the planting of lettuce and parsley to the replanting of plants. We have also made an indoor vertical garden, with various edible and non edible plants, which the children are taking great care of. We have visited the Botancial Gardens of Ghent and learnt about why various plants grow under different weather conditions.

Year 2 have been learning about money and using money wisely; soon they will shop at school to ensure this learning. Division has also been introduced which the children quickly picked up on, being a close...Read the full article


There is something in the air...

Is it springtime? Or is it electricity? The sun is shining and the flowers are growing in the garden! We see butterflies and bumblebees flying around. This is a great time of the year!

Upper Primary pupils are full of energy and have loved working with our IPC topic, ‘Full power’! They have learnt how to use scientific language when documenting their experiments and they can explain why a circuit is illuminating a bulb … or not. They have built circuits and have been eager to test different alternatives when the result has been less successful. They have learnt how to read instructions carefully. They now know more about Fair tests. They are starting to think like scientists.

During Literacy lessons, pupils have learnt even more about instructions. They know that the purpose is of this text type is to make someone else interested in trying to for example make or bake something by following a number of steps. Pupils have been discussing others’ instructions and they have been writing their own instructions, they have unjumbled jumbled up instructions and they have been using bossy verbs (imperatives) and lots of...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

Fun with clothes and lots more learning!

We have had a wonderful few weeks in Middle Pre-Primary learning more about clothes.

We learnt all about where clothes come from and how wool comes from sheep, cotton from the cotton plant, silk from the silk worm and most surprisingly how lots of clothes are made from plastic! We learnt about the processes each material goes through, from the cotton plant to the factory to be turned into string, to then be sewn into the clothes we wear!

The week after our odd sock day we enjoyed ‘Funky Hat Friday’. The children came to school in lots of wonderful hats! At school we made our own with lots of paint, feathers and glitter! It was lovely to see all the children get so creative with their hats.

We were very lucky to have two lovely policewomen visit us and explain what they do every day and also the different parts of their uniforms! Some of the children got to try on their hats, vests and we even got to hold their baton – which was very heavy! The police also let us ride in the van around the school grounds, which was very exciting!

As we continued to learn about clothes we began to think about how...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Lower Pre-Primary enjoying the clothes unit!

Over the last few weeks we have been  busy learning more about clothes. We had a ‘funky hat day!’ which was great fun! We saw different types of hats from all around the world.  The summer hat from Vietnam was very light and we could fold it and put it in a bag. The winter hat from the USA was very soft and warm; it covered our ears to protect us from the cold weather. We had a very special hat from Nigeria which was actually a crown worn by the Yoruba chiefs in Nigeria. It was colourful and heavy, full of tiny beads. Thank you all for sharing those beautiful hats with us.

On that day all children designed their own special hat. They chose the materials, the colours and the shape they wanted. The results were beautiful! We read the story ‘caps for sale’ and acted it out in class. Miss Inbal was the peddler and the kids were the little monkeyssmiley

We have been learning about the routine of getting dressed. What we should put on first and last and why. We played a...Read the full article