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Middle Primary, Year 3/4

Welcome and Farewell

This was a very busy term filled with many activities.
First, we would like to welcome three new students from Saudi Arabia. We have Lujain, Jood and Felwa who joined us in January. A Very big welcome to the three of you and we hope you will enjoy your time here at ISG.
I will also take this opportunity to say a big farewell to Aryan. Aryan has been in ISG for 4 years. We will miss you dearly Aryan and best of luck for the future.

In IPC we had a look at ‘Feel the Force’, we learned about magnetism, gravity and friction.  As part of our entry point we had a tug-of-war challenge in a local park. We had a lot of fun conducting our Rocket Balloon experiment testing out different forces. We also wrote our own instructions as part of a writing activity. We were fortunate enough to have Mrs Christian to come and talk to us about the effect of forces and frictions on trains.

We went to the BOZAR concert in Brussels where we attended a dance workshop. We had Mrs Sterre teaching us different moves, which we had to perform together with a big orchestra; this was spectacular and a very special day.

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Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Fascinating forces

Who doesn’t like a fun tug-of-war game? This was our Entry Point for our new IPC-unit, Fascinating forces. During this IPC-unit, Upper Primary pupils have learnt a lot about different types of forces. They investigate different types of forces, they read about forces, they discuss forces and, of course, they experiment to see if the information they learn is trustworthy.

Now, they confidently talk about the difference between mass and weight. They talk about gravity and density. They talk about air resistance, water resistance, upthrust, buoyancy, drag, thrust etc. They know that there is less gravity on the Moon and more gravity on the Sun. They mention Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, the Wright brothers and Archimedes when they want to explain what they mean. They start up a new experiment with great enthusiasm, they first write a hypothesis and then they carry out the experiment and write down the result. It is fun to learn by doing!

We are now wrapping up this unit with a Technology task, testing Archimedes’ principle, designing boats and testing them. Lots of fun, but also tricky at times!

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Upper Pre-Primary

We love Shopping!

We have had a very busy time in upper pre-primary. We began the year with a lovely celebration with our buddy class (year 2). We went to a café near the school where we ate cake, popcorn and drank chocolate milk. The lady in the café was super kind, she told us stories and let us play with all her toys and dress up clothes. Great fun!

As you all know the children have been learning about ‘Shopping’. We started our unit with a wonderful ‘entry point’. The children wrote their own shopping list and went to a local supermarket to find and buy the ingredients to make pizza’s. They had lots of fun crossing out the items from their list as they found them in the shop! Back at school each child made their own yummy pizza with their personal choice of topping!

The children enjoyed making a little shop in the classroom. They called it the ‘Smart Market’. Everything in the shop the children brought themselves from home! It was really ‘their shop’. They had so much fun being the shopkeeper and customer. They loved organising the shop and making signs. It was a great group activity involving...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

We love Patterns!

To celebrate Autumn the children collected, pressed and painted leaves in many colours!

Then our work on ‘Patterns’ began and what a fun time we have had. Life will never be the same again, we see patterns everywhere! We began our unit with a super ‘entry point’. The children came to school dressed in clothes with as many patterns as possible. The children described their patterns to each other and then had to reproduce one of their patterns on paper. We played pattern games in the garden with all the children from Pre-Primary. The children had lots of fun running to escape the hungry crocodile! (Miss Mia) To further develop their understanding of patterns we went on a ‘pattern walk’ in our neighbourhood. The children discovered our world is most definitely filled with patterns. We took many photos of the patterns with which the children made their own ‘class pattern book’. The children have been very creative during this unit. They made dolls with patterned clothes, they made patterns with Henna and even made mosaics. They created many beautiful pictures by themselves using patterns. We...Read the full article

IPC exit point learning, Lower-Primary, Year 1

Merry Christmas and a happy 2018!!!!

Hello everybody! Lower primary has been doing lots of amazing learning in these past few weeks…

The best way to learn and improve any skill is getting lots of practice. This week we wrote lovely Christmas cards for our parents. Writing with their neatest handwriting, all the children produced cards they were proud of. Everybody did an amazing job! We hope you like them too parents!

The Exit Point is the final step in every Project from an IPC unit. It is the culmination of all the activities involved in the project. With an ‘exit point’ we celebrate the knowledge, skills and understanding that took place during the project.  Every day in school we encourage the children to be in charge of their learning. At a very early age this could be quite challenging, but little by little the children become aware of the learning process and start to reflect about it. The Exit Point is a great opportunity for this process to take place. Last Monday, we visited a Chocolaterie. The class had the opportunity to make their own chocolate bar. They learned about how chocolate is made and had a close look at a cocoa pod and cocoa...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary


Welcome back to the Middle Pre-Primary blog!

After the Autumn break we learnt about Autumn and how the weather changes. We thought about the different seasons and made a beautiful seasons tree! We also made our very own colourful play-dough that smelt like cinnamon and nutmeg!

We have also been very busy in Middle Pre-Primary learning all about patterns! For our Entry Point we had a fun day with Upper Pre-Primary playing pattern related games!

We had so much fun learning about, investigating and exploring how to make patterns. We used lots of different materials such as paint, sponges, pencils, pens, forks, sand and much more! The children got really creative and made some beautiful patterns around the classroom. We made a wonderful patterns box, using shapes to make repeating patterns and painting the box with stripes, swirls and polka dots. We also read the book ‘Aliens love underpants’ and we painted our very own underpants using lots of different patterns! 

We also went on a trip to the Werald Van Kina (Children's museum) and explored the many different animal patterns in the...Read the full article