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Lower Pre-Primary

We love learning about clothes!

Hello everyone,

First, I would like to give a warm welcome to four new friends who joined our class. Grayson, Sebastian, Stefan and Teagan, we are very happy to have you in LPP. You are a sweet addition to our lovely group.

We were happy to celebrate Alexander’s birthday. Alexander turned 4 and we wish him all the best! Thank you for the delicious cake, the beautiful balloons and the yummy fruit.

Over the last few weeks, we have been enjoying our new IPC unit - Clothes. We had a great ‘Entry Point’ for which all children came to school wearing the colours of their national flag or traditional clothes from their home countries. We had a grand parade with colours and songs from all over the world. We created a new corner in class full of clothes and costumes. The children love to try them on and play so nicely pretending they are doctors, princesses, pirates, firefighters, etc.

We love listening to new stories about clothes and we increase our vocabulary. We...Read the full article

Middle Primary

It's all about making a significant difference

Dear parents,

First of all I would like to give a warm welcome to Ida from Norway and Lele from China who joined Middle Primary in January. They have settled in extremely well.

Year 2 have been starting their mornings off with some interesting facts; they are learning so much from our general knowledge sessions.

Our literacy programme is full of new learning; the children are becoming more descriptive in speaking and writing. We have been reading lots of fairy tales, drawing pictures related to them and we are starting to write our own fairy tales.

In numeracy we have been working on subtraction, problem solving and we are now learning about 3D shapes and their properties.

We celebrated Siri’s birthday and Middle Primary were treated to a delicious cake. Thank you!

During the last month Hector, Sofia, Geffen and Rafef have been given our class award of Student of the week, which they definitely deserved as it is very obvious that they are working hard and therefore learning lots.

Hector, Yumiri, Zirak and Ida got to test out their skills at the Lego challenge with Mr. Hans, which...Read the full article


Space Academy

Upper Primary pupils are enjoying the new IPC-unit 'Mission to Mars'. Pupils are now taking part in the ISG Space Academy Programme for future astronauts! The Entry Point was lots of fun; both during PE lesson and the following lesson, pupils trained like astronauts. An astronaut has to be fit as well as a team player! Pupils have marvelled over the facts from the ISS and found facts about an astronaut's life both interesting and a bit scary. They have researched and compared Venus and Mars, to figure out which of the two planets would suit a manned mission the best. Since Venus is quite a hostile planet, with craters and volcanoes covered with poisonous fog, pupils find Mars a better choice. Pupils are now learning more about the geographical features of Mars. They have investigated the planet and found out that the highest mountain in the Solar System, Olympus Mons, can be found there, as well as the biggest canyon, Valles Marineris, 4,000 km long. Placed on Earth, Valles Marineris would stretch from New York to San Fransisco! Pupils are fascinated by these facts. Some Upper Primary pupils also find some of the information...Read the full article

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Toys are for everybody!


To start with I want to say a lovely welcome to the two newest members of our class: Zo and Zarka! We are delighted to have two new friends!

The holiday went by so fast, and we find ourselves already starting the 2nd month of 2017!

LP immediately started with our new project about 'Toys'. We delved into history looking for the most famous toys of the past 100 years. We built  a time line representing all the decades since 1920 til the present… We looked at how the toys have changed over time. But most importantly we realized that, at the end of the day, toys are made to have fun, young or old, girl or boy…toys keep us entertained and amused.

For our ‘Entry Point’ the kids then designed their own toy using just rubbish! Their creativity was amazing! Well done everybody! The children even named their toy and made a small description, you can read them all...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

LPP having fun learning about food!

Dear Parents,

Over the last few weeks, lower pre-primary pupils have been busy learning about food, the autumn season, personal goals and Christmas.

Our entry point for the ‘Food unit’ was fun. All the children brought some fruit they like and a cutting board. We chopped up all the fruit and made a big fruit salad and pancakes. We all enjoyed our delicious homemade morning snack!

During our food unit we created our own café and learned how to sort food in different categories such as colour and size. They all had a great time playing in the café corner, pretending to be mum, dad, a chef or a waiter.  We improved our counting skills by counting fruit, vegetables, desserts and more. We learned about healthy and unhealthy food and read beautiful stories about food. The kids even performed in our ‘The enormous turnip’ play, which was great fun!

Learning about food was a lovely opportunity for us to make food art. We looked at photos of mandalas, discussed patterns, and then created our own mandala out of dry food. The...Read the full article