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Middle Primary

Caring is Sharing

Hello everyone,

Just before the break an update on Middle Primary.

In literacy Year 2 have been discussing beautiful images and writing about those images, whilst trying to include all that has been taught the last months, e.g punctuation, adverbs, adjectives, present and past tense and the present continuous. They have thoroughly enjoyed this type of excerise.

Our key focus in numeracy has been doubling and halving, recognising, finding, naming and writing fractions, and understanding mixed and placing halves on a number lines. Fractions tend to be tricky for children, so we will revise what we have done just after the break.

Our IPC sessions have been focused on the children making a significant difference, so we came up with the idea to help the refugees in and around Ghent. All of Middle Primary became totally involved in helping so many people in need. They prepared posters to hang around the school, they spoke to all the classes and explained what they were doing and why. From there the whole school became involved and concerned for the refugees. The children became aware of all that they have...Read the full article


Is there life on Mars?

Upper Primary pupils have absolutely loved this last IPC unit, ’Mission to Mars’, and every day has been filled with learning. Pupils know about living conditions on Mars, they know about Mars’s geographical features, they know about robots and orbiters that are sent to other planets to investigate. Pupils have built scale model space stations, they have designed robots and showed toy robots during show-and-tell, they have written letters from the future (!!) when they are working as scientists on Mars. On our wall in the hallway, we have lovely 'space idiom art' - what does 'down to earth' look like, or 'once in a blue moon'? Pupils have also recited space poems. During a visit to the Observatory here in Ghent, pupils learnt more about solar systems, planets, stars and interesting new discoveries. Pupils and teachers have shared information from articles and TV-programs – all with a space theme, of course! Again, all of us have absolutely loved this unit!

Pupils are still learning about Morality as a personal goal, about making the right choice in difficult situations. Pupils want to learn more about being a good human...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

All about clothes - great times in upper pre-primary!

What a fantastic few weeks we have had in upper pre-primary! So much learning, so much fun and so many visits!

The children have been exposed to so much knowledge during our IPC unit on clothes. Following up from our discussion on where clothes come from the children did their own weaving using paper, this really helped their understanding of how weaving works. The children have thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in the various clothes we have in the class. They have become more independent and help each other with the tricky parts – bows, belts, zips.

The children had great fun celebrating our ‘funky hat day’. They arrived to school in a wonderful array of hats and then at school they created their very own special hat. They had to do all the work themselves, from planning the design to cutting the paper or material they needed to then adding their chosen decorations. They had lots of fun, it was a pleasure to see them so busy and productive.

The children have been very curious and interested to learn about clothes worn long ago and how...Read the full article

learning IPC Exit Point, Lower-Primary

Have you ever played that game before?

Welcome back to Lower Primary Blog!

We hope that everybody is doing great, in our classroom we have been learning lots of interesting things!

We finished our Rag Dolls, and we are pleased with the results. As we were making the rag dolls, we could reflect about the fact that in the past there were no toys shops where kids could easily buy toys. Many of us thought that it is as much fun to make your own toys as it is to play with them!!! Making the clothes for our rag dolls was a particularly difficult task. But showing resilience and cooperation we managed to give our dolls lovely attires. Look at our display!

One of the important thing about toys is that they also help us to learn. In lower primary, we enjoy playing with puzzles and thinking games. Recently the class has been introduced to a card game called SET. It may seem a bit tricky at the beginning but once we know how to play, it is extremely fun. SET is a logic thinking game and is becoming a favourite among Lower Primary!

Last week we celebrated Valentine's...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary


Hello everyone!

First of all we would like to welcome two new members of our lovely MPP family, Emilia and Paizley. You have both settled into our class so well and we have had so much fun getting to know you.

For our first week back at school we practised all of the letters we have learnt so far; we reminded ourselves of what letters we have learnt about. We learnt about each other’s families and this allowed us to share our different holiday celebrations. Some of the children were surprised to learn that not everyone celebrates Christmas! We also got to play with our friends again!

We then began our new IPC unit Clothes with our wonderful Entry Point. All the children dressed up in the colours of their flag or in traditional clothes from their home country. We were able to discuss the different colours, patterns and types of clothes that we each wear and talk about when we wear our outfits. Then we had a red carpet walk with all of Pre-Primary and we had lots of fun showing off our wonderful clothes to each other! We have also enjoyed two more special...Read the full article