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Lower Pre-Primary

LPP having fun learning about food!

Dear Parents,

Over the last few weeks, lower pre-primary pupils have been busy learning about food, the autumn season, personal goals and Christmas.

Our entry point for the ‘Food unit’ was fun. All the children brought some fruit they like and a cutting board. We chopped up all the fruit and made a big fruit salad and pancakes. We all enjoyed our delicious homemade morning snack!

During our food unit we created our own café and learned how to sort food in different categories such as colour and size. They all had a great time playing in the café corner, pretending to be mum, dad, a chef or a waiter.  We improved our counting skills by counting fruit, vegetables, desserts and more. We learned about healthy and unhealthy food and read beautiful stories about food. The kids even performed in our ‘The enormous turnip’ play, which was great fun!

Learning about food was a lovely opportunity for us to make food art. We looked at photos of mandalas, discussed patterns, and then created our own mandala out of dry food. The...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Inspired by food! Great learning!

Upper Pre-Primary have been super busy since our last blog. On returning from the midterm break the children got stuck into learning about Autumn. They made beautiful Autumn pictures by painting and printing leaves. They were also inspired by our hedgehog poem and made lovely hedgehog paintings by painting with their fingers! To further celebrate the season of Autumn we went on a lovely nature walk in a park in Ghent with our buddy class (upper primary). Each child was paired with their special buddy, as they collected things from nature-horse chestnuts, pine cones, leaves, sticks etc. The children were delighted to find mushrooms as we had been learning about mushrooms and printing with mushrooms at school! As a special treat and in connection to our unit on food we went to a ‘frituur’ and each child shared a packet of Belgian fries with their buddy! We are looking forward to doing more things together!

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the learning and activities connected to our food unit. We began with our entry point which was lunch in the Appelier vegetarian restaurant in Ghent....Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

Food Glorious Food!

Wow! We have so much to share with you in MPP for this blog. The first thing we would like to do is say a big hello and welcome to our new friend Anaya who has joined us from India! We hope that you have enjoyed your first week at your new school.

So, when we returned from the autumn break we began to learn about our IPC topic ‘Food’. Our entry point was a wonderful trip to a vegetarian restaurant where we were able to visit the kitchens and choose exactly what we wanted on our plates. The children were wonderful and the food was great too! When we returned from our trip we began to make our classroom café and decided to call it 'Sunshine Café'!

We were also able to share some food from our home countries and enjoyed some wonderful cookies, biscuits, bread, muffins and a choice of yummy Chinese food and tea too! The children really enjoyed sharing their food with their friends.

We also made some food, including pizza, a smoothie, and a Gruffalo (apple) crumble! We tried the different ingredients before and after and learnt about how the taste can change once cooked or mixed with other foods...Read the full article

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....Let's gather around....

...to hear the sounds of Lower Primary learning workshop....


Hello everybody! Lower primary has been doing lots of amazing learning these past few weeks…

Last Monday our Exit Point took place. An Exit Point is the final step in every Project from the IPC. It is the culmination of all the activities involved in the project. With an ‘Exit Point’ we celebrate the knowledge, skills and understanding that took place during the project and this time around the class had the chance to share their learning with their parents!

Every day in school we encourage the children to be in charge of their learning. At a very early age this could be quite challenging but little by little the children become aware of the learning process and start to reflect about it. The Exit Point is an ideal opportunity for this process to take place. The children share their learning with their parents, they become aware of how much they have learned, how they did it and possibly also how much they still need to learn. At the same time, the parents can become involved and ask questions in return...Read the full article

Middle Primary

Exploring in Middle Primary

Hello dear families,

Year 2 and Year 3 have been particularly busy with the run up to Christmas. They have been learning fabulous songs in music class and we too prepared our song for the Christmas show. It is wonderful to see them enjoy music.

Our IPC project came to an end with the children individually presentating their project work on explorers; they have researched exploreres from Marco Polo to Jacques Coutseau. Come upstairs and have a look at your childs work on display.
In relation to our project on Victorian Times we went to an exhibition on child labour in Miat, Gent. Fourteen children, from different countries told their stories in a very informal way, Middle Primary were intrigued to learn more about the hardships children had to endure. We also took a look around Miat were they were many inventions to be seen.

Year 2 have settled into a very nice routine, and they are working wonderfully, individually and in pairs during the mornings. We have been working hard on descriptive vocabulary, punctuation and short stories. In numeracy our focus is now on multiplication.

We had a...Read the full article