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Middle Pre-Primary

Family and Friends

We have had a busy few weeks in Middle Pre-Primary!


The children made some beautiful family portraits and we had the opportunity to learn about patterns when we made our frames, using triangles, circles and zigzags!

We started learning about autumn and we made some autumn leaves and changed the tree on our class door to match the season! We also created an autumn tray and the children have been collecting leaves, acorns, conkers and sticks to add to it!

We also learnt three new letters, ‘e’, ‘f’ and ‘g’. We learnt the song ‘Ellie the Elephant’ and read the book Elmer, the children then had to copy the right patterns from the elephants in the book onto their Elmer colouring sheets. We also made frogs (sorry again for the noise) with paper plates and party blowers for their tongues! This week we learnt about the letter ‘g’ and we painted ghosts, we also wrote the word ‘ghost’ with our fingers for an extra spooky look!

We learnt about our first personal goal, which was respect. We discussed how to be respectful to other people, to be respectful of each other’s...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Family and Friends

Over the last few weeks, lower pre-primary pupils have been busy learning more about family and friends.

We learnt about tall and small by looking at photos and sorting them into groups. Following this, the children looked at their own family photos and decided who is the tallest and the smallest in their family. We also discussed daily routines in our families and played a mime game. Each child chose one action and showed it to the others without talking (eating breakfast/ getting dressed/ going to school etc). The children had a great time trying to guess!

Over the last couple of weeks we have also read all kinds of stories about families. Some of our favourites were - “Spot visits his grandparents”, “The Family book” and ”I love you through and through”.

Last week we had a lovely ‘Exit Point’. The children were so happy to make vanilla muffins for their parents. For some of them it was their first experience being little chefs!

All children helped to set a nice table for the parents. We counted plates, napkins and cups and decorated our table with some autumn leaves that we collected together in...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

More fun with family and friends........

Since our last blog upper pre-primary have had a busy, exciting time with lots of learning and many celebrations!

As part of our unit on family and friends the children shared with each other where they and their families come from. They have learnt about the continents of the world and which is their continent. We made a map of the world to represent this and linked their photographs to their continent or continents! The children enjoyed making globes and learnt a little continents song! They have also been busy painting and learning to recognize their flags and each other’s flags! They took great care painting them! (make sure you come into the class to have a look!)

This month we have also learnt about our first personal goal ‘respect’. We have discussed what respect means and how we must always show respect to people, objects and toys. The children are gradually understanding its meaning and we are looking out for examples of respect in our class.

The children were very excited about our exit point. Welcoming the mums, some grandmothers and a dad to our...Read the full article


How are you feeling?

Over the past few weeks Upper Primary pupils have been busy learning through their IPC topic ‘Express Yourself’. Starting with the basic emotions we then discussed in more detail the wide range of emotions people make experience in society nowadays. Viewing and analysing television advertisements was a great starting point for exposing the main tricks which are used to influence the audience. Identifying these tricks helped us to understand why and how we feel a certain way when we watch certain ads. Afterwards we decided to create our own appealing adverts to persuade people to purchase items such as cars, sneakers, teddy bears or to have a ride on a roller coaster! We tried to include the tricks we had discovered by viewing other advertisements! The pupils worked together in pairs and at the end the pupils presented their work to each other.

From human feelings we moved to animals and their emotions. A quick research of the article titled ‘Do animals have feelings?’ helped us understand why dogs sometimes react in a similar way to people (using different body language!) and what goats do to make them happy!

We...Read the full article

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We can all show our artistic flair in different ways!

Welcome back to Lower Primary Blog!


This week, we’ve been extremely busy practising our numeracy skills, working with number sentences and also starting to work with word problems. As always we are learning while having fun, either working in small groups or all together as a single group. We also have a good time learning with our interactive board.  We also had our first numeracy test! I am very proud of all the children, they did great and for many of them it was their very first math test ever! Well done every body!

Our reading rotation mornings are now well established. Kids get to read one on one with the teacher while the rest of the class is working independently on different tasks. There is a "task list" where the class keeps record of the tasks that are completed. This way every student is responsible for his or her own learning.

For our IPC unit "Who am I?" we have been studying portraits these past few weeks. It was such fun! We looked at portraits from different artists and different times. Together we...Read the full article