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Middle Pre-Primary

Welcome to Middle Pre-Primary!

Welcome to the first Middle Pre-Primary blog of 2017/2018!

First, we would like to welcome Ben, Kenisha, Lenny-Jean and Diya to our lovely school! We are so happy that you have joined our class and we can’t wait for the many adventures we will have together during the year. We would also like to say a big welcome to Bernardo, an Erasmus intern, who is helping us in Middle Pre-Primary for the next few months!

Since we have been back at school we have spent lots of time getting to know each other. We have enjoyed playing together, making puzzles, creating lots of art and having lots of fun! We have settled in well to the daily routine of school and learning new songs and dance moves!

We also began our phonics and so far, we have learnt about letters ‘a’ and ‘b’. We also got to learn some fun songs and we especially love the ‘ants’ song!

Last Friday we had a very special entry point to our first IPC unit – Houses and Homes! With Upper Pre-Primary, we made a huge house with lots of different materials like boxes and blankets! We had so much fun and it was great to be...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Great start in Lower Pre-Primary!

Hello everyone!

What a great first three weeks it’s been! Welcome back Malin, Marceau and Anan. It was wonderful seeing you again. You all grew so much over the summer and I was happy to see you were very excited to be back at school. I also want to welcome Elize, Sally, Rachel, Arthur and Constantin to Lower Pre-Primary. Your journey at ISG has officially begun and we will have so much fun!

During our first two weeks we took our time to get to know each other and the routines in Lower Pre-Primary. We learned the songs that we sing during our morning circle time such as “Goodmorning”  and “Sunday, Monday”.  We also learned to sing “the wheels on the bus” and “pitter patter raindrops”.

One of the stories that we read was ‘Bye, Bye’ which talks about going to school and saying goodbye to mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, caretaker, etc. The story taught us about the different feelings that go hand in hand with saying goodbye and being at school! Turns out school is a lot of fun and saying goodbye is only for a little while :-)

‘Ladybug’, our class friend (mascot), is always there to give support when...Read the full article

Entry Point Growth Mindset, Lower-Primary, Year 1

Welcome to Lower Primary

Hello everybody and welcome to the Lower Primary Blog.

It has been a great start of the year, I feel so honoured to get the chance to learn with your wonderful children and I am really enjoying getting to know them.

Over the last three weeks we have been reviewing some numeracy and literacy topics, practicing our reading and most importantly we have been adjusting to our new routines and environment….Luckily we all are very resilient and the class has shown great adaptability…we are already feeling at home here in Primary. Well done everybody!

As a class we discussed how important it is to be able to play and learn together. In Lower Primary we have 8 “golden rules’: Be a friend. Listen. Share. Help clean up. Wait for your turn. Raise your hand. Walk do not run. Keep your hands to yourself.

During our first week we also talked about our brain and how it loves to take on challenges. We now know that not giving up when something seems difficult will help our brain to establish new connections and when we try again it will be easier. We talked about both fixed and growth mindsets and their differences....Read the full article

Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Where we come from... and where we have been

Welcome back to Upper Primary!

Upper Primary pupils have started off this school year in a great way - they have had team building activities with the other Primary classes, made 'I like-portraits' and pupils are now busy learning both Numeracy, Language arts and IPC! Romeo's birthday party during the first school week was a great kick off for our class. Mohammed from Qatar and UAE has joined our class - welcome!

In class, pupils are now getting used to our weekly routines. We discussed behaviour when deciding on Upper Primary Class Rules. Pupils agreed on a number of rules and now they try to follow them, both in class and out on the play ground. What do you think about class rules like for example "We celebrate each other's successes" and "Respect each other" and "Think before you speak"?

When working with the first Personal Goal in IPC, we discussed what Respect is, how they can show it - and why it is important. We show respect to others because we know that we deserve respect ourselves. Upper Primary pupils are now trying to treat others the...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

A great start to a new school year! Welcome to upper pre-primary!

What a great start we have had! The children are settling into their new class, learning the rules and routines and making new friends. They have decided we are the ‘owl class’! To decorate our class window each child made their own owl and had lots of fun painting the tree branches to put them on! They have learnt about owl habitats, what they eat, special features and the names of different owls. Their favourite owl is the pygmy owl! (the smallest owl in the world!) There was great excitement in the class when they became little scientists and dissected a real owl pellet!

Our Jolly Phonics programme has already got under way. The children have been practising the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘I’, and ‘p’ and how to write them. There is a real buzz in the class with everybody eager to learn.

In numeracy work the children are practising counting and writing the numerals correctly.

The children were introduced to our castle with the eight personal values that we will learn during the year. Our first value is all about ‘respect’. We discussed being kind to each other, listening when others are...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

A big and warm welcome to Year 2, where we are looking forward to growth and development!

Dear all, 

It has been a very busy start to the new academic year: getting to know each other, organising our classroom, getting used to routines again and settling down to work. The children seem to love their new class and feel at home!...Read the full article