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Express yourself

You are my sunshine! I feel blue today! He is heartbroken. She has a bubbly personality.

There are lots of different activities going on in Upper Primary each week. Pupils have been working with different tasks in numeracy –  practicing strategies and problem solving skills. In literacy, pupils read and work with follow-up questions and write summaries. They have been learning more about grammar rules, spelling rules and practicing their writing skills. We have been writing acrostic poems about emotions and working with metaphors.

As you might have noticed, our current IPC-topic is ‘Express yourself’. Upper Primary pupils are learning more about emotions and how to express different levels of emotions. They have made ‘emotion thermometers’ and tried to put words in order from weaker through to strong. We have discussed words, used thesauruses and  also acted out the different levels of emotions.

One of our IPC science tasks gave pupils the opportunity to research and find out more about the connection between emotions and the brain or the heart. Pupils worked together in groups and later shared their...Read the full article

Middle Primary

Lots of learning and exploring

We are becoming a wonderful class at Middle Primary, where respect is our goal this month and the children are truly showing how to be respectful towards others.

We have been working very hard in numeracy, both Year 2 and Year 3 are intrigued with 2D and 3D shapes, they are finding this learning both challenging and enjoyable. We have also been making shapes with is a great way to learn about all the properties. The children are back enjoying Abacus online, please ensure that they do there weekly allocations.

In literacy we have been looking at nouns, adjectives, articles, speech marks and the children have been writing their recounts every Monday, therefore practicing the past tense. Guided reading is well underway and the children are reading a couple of books per week.

In IPC Middle Primary have been researching about children not going to school but having to work instead. We took a look into the 1800s when many children had to clean sooty chimneys or operate dangerous machinery in factories, how many children did not have the luxury of a school education. In groups Middle Primary researched and then...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

First steps in Lower Pre-Primary :)

Welcome to Lower Pre Primary!

To start the year we have a lovely group of 8 children from all around the world.

Our first two weeks in school were full of new, exciting experiences. We are learning the daily routine and getting to know our new friends. It’s amazing to see how kids can communicate well, even without a common language. Over the last two weeks, the kids showed empathy and helped each other in different situations. We enjoyed making art with different materials such as play-dough and paint, to improve our fine motor skills. We were happy to explore our new classroom environment, getting familiar with our different areas (reading, art, family etc).

Music and sports lessons were so much fun that at the end of the lessons the kids didn’t want to leave! We celebrated Vincent’s 3rd birthday by singing and dancing together. Thank you Vincent for the delicious cake. We wish you all the best.

On Monday, we will have our ‘Entry Point’ to our...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

Welcome to Middle Pre-Primary!

Welcome to the Middle Pre-Primary class! A very warm welcome to our new faces, Owen, Nikos and Lana, we hope you are enjoying your new school so far! We are so lucky to have 12 wonderful children with 10 different nationalities who can play and learn together.

We have had a great start to the new school year, it has been wonderful to see the children playing and learning so well together.

For the first week, we got used to the new routine and played with our new and old friends. We also celebrated Julka’s birthday with songs and dancing, and a beautiful ‘Frozen’ cake which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

In week two we started learning about the alphabet and of course we began with the letter ‘a’. We painted red and green apples and practiced our writing skills. We also sang lots of new songs and learnt a few new dance moves! We practiced our days of the week and talked about of emotions and a lot of the children are very excited about the new playground, especially the slide! The children have also been busy demonstrating and working on their construction, drawing, painting, sorting and puzzle skills, as...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

A big welcome to Upper Pre-Primary!

What a great start to the school year we have had in upper pre-primary! The children have already become a close group and are playing really well together. They have been getting used to many new classroom routines and have also had their first Dutch, music, sports and swimming lesson. All of which have been a great success!

The children have been busy learning so much, it is hard to believe we are only back two weeks! Their first pieces of art work are already on display – the beautiful blow painting pictures! It was a lovely group activity, they had so much fun!

In upper pre-primary we have been learning about ‘apples’. The children loved the Dr Seuss book ‘Ten apples up on top’, hence the inspiration to balance apples on our heads! Some children could even do it while standing on one leg! And Jeremy even managed to balance two apples on his head! The children have coloured and cut out apples, painted apple trees, tasted apples, learnt new vocabulary and learnt about the life cycle of an apple. They made their own life cycle charts to bring home. They have also been enjoying singing songs about apples and have...Read the full article