All about me

Hello all, welcome to our lovely Upper Pre-Primary class blog. It has only been two months since we returned to school but there has already been such a buzz of activity and learning going on. The children have settled into their new class well and even though, quite a few children have no English they have already begun forming good friendships and are having fun together. We are the ‘owl class’, and as a result the children made beautiful owls, to display on the front of our classroom. We have also done a small study on owls; the children were eager to find out more about these interesting birds. They were very excited to dissect an owl pellet and find many bones, hair, and feathers that the owl had thrown up. I was super proud of them when they shared their knowledge of owls with the rest of the school during assembly.

Our first IPC unit was ‘All about me’. What a great way to get to know each other! Our fun ‘entry point’ got us off to a good start. The children came to school wearing their favourite clothes with their favourite toy and shared their favourite snack together. Since then, we have been learning where each child comes from. They have been painting flags and making globes of the continents of the world. The children also made posters with pictures and captions of the things they like and the things that make them happy. They also made beautiful self portraits which are on display outside our classroom. Great work from all the children. We talked about how each child is different and unique, to celebrate this the children painted their individual handprints to make different animals They look beautiful! Our latest big study was all about the inside of our body. The children have been very interested and curious to learn about the different parts of our body and the different functions of each part. They enjoyed working with our model of a body and helping to colour a large body picture (the outline of Yoni’s body) with all its parts. Some children have even gone further and made their own inside of the body diagrams. I think we have a few future doctors in our hands! The children had lots of fun running very fast so they could hear their heart beating faster!

To celebrate our learning, for our exit point, we played some fun games using our wonderful senses. The children used their sense of touch while feeling in a bag and guessing what was inside. They also felt inside a bag of buttons, they had to feel and touch the buttons carefully to find the matching pairs. They explored their sense of taste by tasting sweet, salt, sour and bitter tastes. There was lots of fun and lots of squeals especially when tasting the sour lemon. They also put their sense of hearing to work by listening to different sounds and matching the similar sounds.

Besides our unit work the children have also been busy with phonics, reading, writing and numeracy work. All the children are following at their own pace and making good progress. Well done everyone!

This week is all about Halloween! The children are making crafts, singing songs, and decorating our class for the Halloween party. We are looking forward to a fun morning! I wish you all a wonderful Autumn holiday with your children. See you when we return!

Ms. Mia