All about transport

We started our new unit of work with a successful entry point. We took our favourite teddy bears on a transport journey. We explained our teddy bears how to wait patiently to the public transportation. We showed them how a tram ticket looks like and explained our teddies how important it is to sit during the ride. We really enjoyed riding the tram and the bus, we held our teddy bears and showed them the view from the window. We had a lovely picnic and had a lot of fun playing at the playground.

On our way back, we took the teddy bears through a secret tunnel and they were super excited! We got back to school tired but so happy. Thank you to Sally’s mum who joined our trip and helped us a lot and always with a smile.

The children love to learn about transport. They ask many questions and have creative ideas such as creating a pink bus that will take us quickly to Japan.

We are very busy creating our own boat, vehicles, train and aeroplane out of boxes. We looked at different photos and had to pay attention to small details. We have been practicing numeracy while counting how many wheels, windows and doors does a car have. We improve our fine motor skill while painting, cutting and sticking and we develop our communication skills as we work so well as a team.

We watched a short video of a take-off and landing of an aeroplane and were surprized to discover that just like cars, aeroplanes have wheels and not only wings.        

The children go on a new adventure every day. How amazing it is to be able to go on a trip using the train, the boat, the bus and the aeroplane and all in 30 minutes. Another great advantage is that if one forgot to take something for the trip, the pilot can press a special button and stop the aeroplane, while the child will go home quickly to get the camera, the book or the teddy bear.

We sing songs and read books about transport and we even had a special visit of a real fireman. The children were so happy to try on the outfit of a real firefighter.  

We had a fun and groovy music workshop with recycled instruments and had a lovely visit of Lower Primary children who came to share some beautiful stories that they have made.

We are eager to learn more about transport and we also started to work on our Christmas show, but…don’t tell anyone it’s a secret…


Have a great weekend everyone, see you all on Monday.