Amazing first four weeks!

Welcome to Lower Primary

Hello everybody and welcome to the Lower Primary Blog!

It has been a great start of the school year; I look forward to learn with your wonderful children and I am enjoying getting to know them.


After a long holiday, the children quickly settled into their new routines and the new environment! I am very proud of this class!


To start off the new school year, we discussed how important it is to be able to play and learn together. In Lower Primary we have 8 “golden rules’: Be a friend. Listen. Share. Help clean up. Wait for your turn. Raise your hand. Walk, do not run. Keep your hands to yourself.


During our first week we reviewed some numeracy and literacy topics and polished up our reading skills. We also talked about how the brain develops and how it loves to take on new challenges. We now understand that our brain establishes new connections every time we are faced with new challenges. We talked about a fixed and growth mindset and their differences. Our aim is to work towards having a growth mindset and we will do our best to achieve it! The class prepared a short presentation on this topic and explained it at the school assembly. It was very rewarding to see how well the kids could explain this concept using their own words.


Currently we are well into our first IPC unit “Who am I”. We have been exploring our feelings, where we come from and we have learnt many new things about each other.  The class created self-portraits experimenting with soft pastels and exploring symmetry. We also created a mind map expressing what makes us happy or sad. Our creations are amazing and are displayed outside or inside the class, please make sure to pop by to have a look, your child will be thrilled to show them.


In literacy, we explored the book “The Fire Children”.  The class split the story into 5 chapters; the Year 2 students took the lead and recreated the scenes using boxes and different materials like cloth, clay, wood, paper etc. Then, the year 1 students rewrote the first chapter, while every Year 2 student took on the responsibility to each write one chapter. We are very proud of our work. It was inspiring to work as a team and learn from each other.


These first four weeks at school have been filled with amazing learning and creativity and this is just the beginning! We are excited and eager to see what the rest of the year will bring!


This month we also celebrated Vritika’s 6th birthday! Thank you for the yummy cake!


Wishing you all an amazing weekend with your children and see you in our next blog!