Amazing Project!

Welcome back to our blog!

By now the children feel more comfortable in the class as they are now used to the new routines and the new challenges. Good job everybody!

Skills, knowledge and understanding. These are the three new words our class has been exploring and reflecting over. In class we have been discussing about these three types of learning, and the children are becoming aware of the meaning and the difference between them. This process will allow them to be aware that different types of learning is happening in the classroom.

For our IPC unit we visited the museum of modern art here in Gent (SMAK) to explore and study some portraits. It was a very fructiferous visit, our guide gave us lots of information and really inspired us to create original portraits back in our classroom.

We created a mosaic-portrait using pieces of glass and paper. It was interesting to play with colours to create the different contours of the face.

In the classroom we learned that portraits have been important in the history of art. We studied a famous artist who created wonderful self-portraits, Frida Kahlo. The class was touched and intrigued to learn about her peculiar and tragic life but was also inspired and surprised about her resilience and creativity.

This month we focused on the anatomy of our heart, also as part of the IPC. Our heart beats to keep us alive and it can also reflect our feelings. Together we studied how our heart works and we created different models to understand this remarkable organ. Year one created a plasticine model showing the main parts of its anatomy, while Year two students created a clay model showing its main parts and the flow of blood. Year two also wrote a small text explaining this.

To better understand the importance of a healthy diet we explored the main five food groups and the food pyramid. The children practiced sorting out different types of food into these five categories and reflected upon why some foods are not to be eaten every day!!

The kids are also worked very hard on writing their own creation myth. They started building up their tale with a story map, which really helped them to get the creative juices flowing. Then they developed the story into a book, creating amazing illustrations and weaving an interesting story.

Thank you very much for your support during our Exit Point. It was amazing seeing all of you in the classroom. How rewarding is to see the children excited about sharing their learning!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Take care, have fun and enjoy your wonderful children!