Up and Away

Our last blog of this school year and what a great year it has been!

Before starting our final unit of work ‘Up and Away’ the children enjoyed a super ‘book week’. They enjoyed visitors coming to our class to read, reading with their ‘buddy class’ and of course reading themselves! They thoroughly enjoyed the book ‘The Tortoise’s Dream’ - we did art activities connected to the story and had great fun acting it out!

Our ‘Up and Away’ unit began with a special flying day with lots of fun activities – kite races, flying a helicopter, airplane games and flying little gliders! During the unit we looked at how things floated in the sky. The children learnt when air is heated it rises. The children drew and painted all things that go up in the air. They had a special interest in kites, they enjoyed flying kites and making their own! They had a lot of fun blowing bubbles and dropping the little parachute men from very high!

They learnt about the airport and airplanes and learnt specific language in relation to this. We made an airport in the class and a giant plane! We learnt how to co-operate together making the plane and playing together afterwards – taking turns to be the pilot, co-pilot, air hostess and passengers!

The children had lots of fun learning about space – planets, rockets and much more. They made lovely planet charts where they cut out the planets and labelled them! Great work! Our exit point to the observatory in Ghent was a great celebration of all their learning! The children were excited to share all their knowledge of space with the guide! There was great excitement as they looked through the huge telescope! What a lovely experience!

The highlight of the year had to be our ‘sleep over’ at school! It was a very special night we had together with lower primary. The children are already asking if can we do it again!

To end a fantastic year, we spent the morning in a beautiful nature reserve in Ghent. The children enjoyed the peace and freedom of nature. The had little baskets so they could collect what they found. They did some fishing, they fed animals, they listened to birds, they saw some swans, they watched frogs jumping and they made beautiful pictures with the nature treasures they found!

What a wonderful year we shared together! Have a lovely summer everyone, I will never forget any of you, you are all very special!

Lots of love, Ms Mia