Animals all around!

Hello everyone,

First of all: a very warm welcome to our new friend Samuel who joined our class this week. We are very happy to have you with us.

LPP had so much fun learning about animals. We started our new topic pretending we were animals. We all chose an animal that we like and made our own special animal mask. We went outside and played different games practicing our gross motor skills. We were climbing like monkeys, jumping like frogs and running like tigers.

We created a lovely jungle corner in our classroom. All children enjoyed painting trees and cutting leaves. We went on a trip to the jungle by listening to a song with beautiful nature sounds and learned about animals that live in the jungle. We saw photos of different animals and talked about colours, shapes and sizes. We sang new songs about animals and enjoyed listening to lovely stories.

We learned about farm animals, the food that they like and the names of their young ones. The children were happy to learn about the life cycle of a hen and were all amazed to watch a video of a chick hatching out of the egg. The children kept busy making crafts of different animals. It was lovely to watch them use their imagination and some wooden blocks to create caves, bridges, trees and more. We talked about the meaning of the word camouflage and saw some photos of animals that hide their presence very well.

To celebrate the end of the unit we had a fun morning with two of Miss Brigitte's sweet guinea pigs. All the children helped to chop cucumbers and carrots to feed the guinea pigs, we played with them and sang songs to them.  We celebrated Luigi, Takumi, Spandan, Sally and Aura's birthdays too!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Inbal & Anne