A big and warm welcome to Year 2, where we are looking forward to a year of learning, experimenting and having fun

Dear all,

It has been a very busy start to the new academic year: getting to know each other, organising our classroom, getting used to the routines and settling down to work. The children seem to love their new class and feel at home!

We warmly welcome our new student Gaja, who has settled into school life at ISG with ease.

To get to know each other we enjoyed many icebreakers and lots of art activities. It was not long before each child was feeling happy in their new class.

We also enjoyed a trip to a park where we played various games and got to know the children from Upper, Middle and Lower Primary.

We have started our language programme with an emphasis on grammar, spelling and reading. Our Abacus maths programme started off with a revision and we are now moving forward with doubling and halving. Every week the children will complete a verbal and non-verbal reasoning test. These tests are designed to check their ability to understand and analyse visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning.  The chlidren are already immersing themselves and enjoying it!

Our first IPC project ‘Chocolate’ started with a ‘fun and filling’ Entry Point. The children are learning all about the world map, where cocoa tress grow and the history of chocolate.
It truly is a fascinating and delicious topic!

Dutch, music, swimming, sports and choir classes have had a successful start, and it was lovely to see our fabulous specialist teachers back at school.

I would like to say that I am personally delighted to be able to teach your child this year. It will be a great year of lots of learning and fun!

Enjoy your weekend.

Ms. Rebecca