Buildings all around us!

Time flies when you are having fun!

January 2021 is gone! We have been so busy learning, creating, constricting, discovering… that time seems to fly at the speed of light!

This term our project ‘Buildings’ has been an amazing adventure. We are busy making a booklet full of important information about famous buildings from around the world. Every week we study 2 buildings, and the children record important facts about each building and they also make sketches of them. The children were eager to share all this knowledge with our community, therefore every week the kids prepare a mini presentation and together we make a short video featured on seesaw. In addition to this,  every other week the kids have the opportunity to show what they have learned with a short presentation in our school assembly.  It is remarkable to see how the kids have developed their presentation and oral skills. I am super proud of all of them because with their effort and commitment they show an understanding of the value of communication.

If you are ready to take a tour around the world…take a look at the following YouTube links (unlisted) to see some of their short info videos!  Great Sphinx of Giza Eiffel Tower  Opera House Sydney St Basil Cathedral Angkor Wat Great Mosque of Djenne Machu Pichu Great Wall of China Tower Bridge

As part of this unit, we also have learned about homes through time. In class they have created their own timeline representing some main eras and periods with remarkable constructions. We have also studied the different types of modern home constructions and created a vibrant display showing terrace houses. The class looked at different streets with terrace houses, they constructed their own facades and designed their own windows and doors…all on milk cartoons!   We also reflected on the type of houses we live in: apartment, terrace house, semidetached house, detached house, bungalow…

One of the main components of our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is the interaction and involvement of parents in the learning process of their children. This term we had two children sharing with us two amazing building projects. We could study building plans, pictures of building sites and we got to hear stories that we can relate with.  Thank you very much Kasper and Caius for sharing this with us you really enriched our unit!

To develop our literacy skills this time around we read and explored a marvellous book called “The postman's palace”. As a team the children made a summary and identified the main parts of the story. Working at their own ability level and using their own words, the children rewrote the story. To illustrate the story the children created beautiful dioramas! Click on the following unlisted link for a short video about this writing project. Also every Friday we read and explore a poem related to our unit enquiry. We read it aloud together, we study the structure of the poem and we always make a fun activity around it! We love our Friday poetry session. Amazing things take place when we connect our unit of inquiry with our core subjects! 

One of the many buildings we had the opportunity to study and explore was the St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow Russia. This flamboyant building immediately captured the attention of our class and they were mesmerized with the patterns, textures, and colours that this remarkable building has to offer. Following a drawing tutorial, the children created their own version of a section of the Cathedral. You can also admire their compositions on a short video.

We are always looking for ways to engage kids in being interested in what is going on around them and in the world. This term we are quizzing! General knowledge quizzes are a great way to nourish their inherent curiosity. Every month the kids receive a set of general knowledge questions to review and practise at home. During class we also get to examine these questions and we always end up having rich and fascinating discussions about the different topics! Every month we will quiz with a twist, playing snakes and ladders!

Ilan and Snehi are back in our classroom, and we are delighted to have our friends back, we missed you!  This term we are also welcoming Matthew! Welcome (back) everybody!

Little by little all our students are improving their numeracy, literacy, and personal skills. Everyday they mature and become more self-reliant. It is a privilege to be a witness of all the progress and goals they achieve!  

Have a wonderful winter break, enjoy your wonderful children, and recharge your batteries for our next term!

Ms Julieta