A busy start of the year

2019 started with big changes for Middle Primary. We had to say goodbye (for now!) to Ms Anelda and wish her good luck on her recovery.

Middle Primary is now split! The Year 3 class has the lovely Ms Narissa as their teacher and the Year 4s have Ms Ana. Always with the amazing support from Ms Maria.

We have also welcomed a new classmate: Samuel, from Finland. Friendly and curious, Samuel has been settling in easily.

This term’s IPC topic has been fascinating! We’ve been learning about natural disasters, especially volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. The children have been honing their research skills and inquisitive thinking. What would happen if you get too close to lava? Do underwater volcanoes erupt? What was the strongest earthquake ever? What was the highest tsunami? 

Alice’s mom, Francesca, came over and told us about the most famous volcano eruption in history: Pompeii in 79AD. It was fantastic to learn from her, she’s an archaeologist and she’s from Italy!  

Ms Maija shared her experience with an earthquake in New Zealand in 2011 and taught the children what they should do if they are ever in one: stop, drop and hold!

Then we learned about what makes buildings resistant to earthquakes. We worked in teams and experimented with a marshmallow structure, as well as a recycled materials one.

In Numeracy, Year 4 pupils have been practicing arithmetic, shapes, decimal numbers and more.

In Literacy we’re staring to focus on Interviews and Article writing, since we are the reporters for the upcoming Battle of the Scientists. We’re looking forward to it!

This month we had a lovely visitor – Yuval, Geffen’s cousin from Israel. She spent two weeks with us, celebrated her 10th birthday and learned some English. We hope to see you again one day, Yuval!

Lastly, we had a blast on our last day before the break – clowns, wizards, jedis, monsters, goldmen, dancers and even David Bowe showed up. Happy Carnival and enjoy your break, everyone!

Ms Ana and Ms Maria