Can we build it????

Welcome to Lower Primary Blog!

Since our last blog we have been very busy with our new IPC project: “Buildings”

Our project is all about discovering how buildings are made, what kind of materials are used and traveling around the world discovering the most impressive buildings!

As our Entry Point, the class designed a house. They took into consideration the essential rooms a house must have, the size of the room and the organization of their plan. Later on they built houses using only cardboard boxes, paper and glue. They tried to follow their plans as much as they could, but they also realized somethings were impossible to build and as part of their learning they adjusted their plans. The children are very proud of their houses.

Discovering the most amazing buildings around the world we have been so far in India, Mali, Germany, Egypt and Spain. The class has a special booklet where they record all their findings about these special constructions. The children record on their booklet the name of the building, when was it built, materials that were used to make it and special features of the building.  Everybody is welcome to our class to check out our growing gallery of famous buildings!

We also have been studying how houses have changed through time. We have a time line in the classroom showing homes from the stone age until now. The children have been learning how different materials were available at different eras and therefore the houses were different.

At the moment the class is building a display showing a street with terrace houses. They made them using milk cartoons and 2-d shapes.

In Numeracy we have been busy understanding fractions and telling time. As always we always love to engage in hands on activities to understand these concepts. The class has been busy making paper pizza and playing with the class clock.

In January we had three birthday boys: Xander, Jeremy and Leo! Congratulations to the three of you, and thank you for the yummy treats!

Before we went on holidays we also celebrated Carnival! We all came dressed up with our favourite costumes and we also had a class party with lots of yummy snacks! Thank you parents for always spoiling us with lovely treats!

Have a lovely break and enjoy your time with your wonderful children!