We have now finished the first two months of the year 2020! Andrew joined us after Christmas, and he is a lovely addition to our group. We celebrated Andrew`s birthday on the 16th of January with some cake and singing!

Our unit during this period has been clothes. The children have been exploring new vocabulary through the story The Emperor`s New Clothes and they have made clothes for their puppets using a variety of fabric. The self-portrait puppets were a success, so we made some more puppets for our short film where we re-enacted the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. This short film with the children’s voices telling the story will be shared at our next assembly.  

During the unit the children discovered how clothes are made. We discovered cotton, polyester and wool. We looked at what material our clothes were made from. We discovered that cotton comes from a plant, that wool is from sheep and that polyester is from recycled plastic bottles. The children also looked at pictures of different traditional, working and everyday clothes. We discussed what clothes the children like wearing and how we wear different clothes depending on the weather\climate and culture.

It has been a fun and interesting unit that will have two endings. The official exit point was the visit from the police. The visit ended with the children being allowed to sit in the police car with the sirens flashing! Maybe we have inspired one or two children to become police officers in the future. The other ending is our carnival celebration. The children made both masks and hats and had lots of fun showing them at our carnival parade today.

I hope you all have a nice and fun holiday!

Best wishes,

Mr Michael