Christmas is coming......

What a fantastic first term we have had in upper pre-primary. The children have grown so much, made lovely friendships and have enjoyed lots of learning. We would also like to give a warm welcome to Athrav who joined our class in December.

In our previous blog you read all about our unit on ‘Transport’.  Since then the children haven’t stopped making transport books! They have also been learning all about ‘Boats and Ships’. They have learnt about different kinds of boats and drew beautiful pictures. They were very curious to learn about the Titanic hence many of their pictures included icebergs! They have been very creative and were busy making their own little boats using plastic containers! The children also made their very own ‘ISG Super Ship’ which can sail to many countries including ‘little land’! The children and Miss Nadia and I have had lots of fun playing in this wonderful class ship! In connection to this the children have also been learning about floating and sinking. As Jiah explained ‘heavy things sink, and light things float’. Vincent explained how ships are filled with air and even though they are big they don’t sink. We have future scientists in our class!

Going on a boat trip with all the pre-primary classes was a wonderful ‘exit point’ to our unit on Transport. The children enjoyed getting the tram into Ghent and then sitting on the boat while a very nice guide pointed out some special landmarks and told us some interesting stories. It was a great day to share together!

The last two weeks have been all about Christmas – practising for our Christmas concert, painting Christmas pictures, making decorations and Christmas cards and having fun! We look forward to seeing you all in January along with some new children that will join our class! The children are very excited to have more friends to play with! Happy holidays everyone and best wishes in the new year!

Miss Mia and Miss Nadia