Dutch at ISG


Dutch at ISG

All pupils at ISG have the opportunity to explore  and learn Dutch. In this blog post you can read more about our Dutch language programmes. Veel leesplezier!


Leerjaar 5-6

In leerjaar 5-6 pupils pupils following the bilingual program have Dutch four times a week, in preparation of a possible transition to a local secondary school. At the moment there are 8 pupils following the bilingual program. In January and February they completed a chapter with the title ‘Je ziet er goed uit!’ about clothes, looks and describing appearances. Students with more advanced Dutch tried to read texts that are the level of peers in Dutch schools, with success.

Apart from their Dutch as a second language lessons, children also learned about their IPC-unit ‘een missie naar Mars’ about space (de ruimte). Every Thursday they also have a numeracy class in Dutch (optellen – aftrekken – vermenigvuldigen – delen) and also sports and swimming are partly in Dutch. Last month leerjaar 5-6 pupils following the bilingual program also started taking home Dutch books. They tried to read regularly (3 keer 10 minuten per week) and they all have put in a good effort filling out the ‘leeslogboek’. Dikke duim!


Leerjaar 3-4

In leerjaar 3-4 pupils are split into a Dutch beginner group (studying with ms. Adinda) and a Dutch extension group (mr. Francis). The beginner group has one lesson of 45 minutes a week and the extension group has two lessons of 45 minutes a week.

In the beginner’s group students learn about daily communication such as saying hallo, dankjewel, de dagen van de week, enz. They listen to stories and make drawings. After the holiday students will perform at the assembly with a Dutch poem.

In the extension group we mainly focus on comprehensive reading and we try to read texts at the year level of local schools. We often read texts about something in the news, for example de Brexit en het coronavirus, maar ook over de discussie of katten al dan niet buiten mogen. Year 3-4 students read one Dutch book a week and they sometimes complete een leeslogboek about this book.At the end of the class we usually play a language game – de leerlingen kiezen altijd voor weerwolven!


Leerjaar 1-2 and pre=primary

In leerjaar 1-2 en in de kleuterklas all pupils study Dutch with ms. Marjolein or ms. Adinda and playfully learn basic Dutch.
Pupils with advanced Dutch in leerjaar 1-2 also get one extra lesson of 30 minutes in which they study the sounds in Dutch. They have started in September with the ‘a’ (like in kat) and by now they have seen almost all the sounds (see picture). Two more lessons and then we can have a letterfeest!