Goodbyes only mean we'll miss you until we meet again!

Happy Autumn holidays, everyone!

First, we share the good news that Mr Francis’s baby is here and that the whole family is doing fine! We are happy that baby Emmalien has arrived – and we cannot wait for covid restrictions to go away so that we can have a big meet and greet with her!

Upper Primary pupils end this first term back at school with a Halloween party – but also with a sad goodbye. We wish Yumiri and Mirei all the best when they return to Japan. We will miss you a lot and we hope we will meet again, one day!

It has been a busy term. We welcomed Henriette to our class back in September, as well as our big group of new year 5 pupils. Upper Primary pupils have now settled down in their new group. They have spent quite some time working on classroom rules and together deciding on the way they want to be treated and treat others. There is a lot of kindness, respect, and support around in this group. Pupils (and teachers) laugh a lot, sing, and dance every now and then, and – of course – learn many things!

We have just wrapped up our first IPC unit. Pupils have really enjoyed learning more about art and artists during this unit, "They see the world like this". The walls have been covered with beautiful art, all the way from impressionist self-portraits to abstract art, to cubist paintings, to prints. It has been lots and lots of fun. Pupils have also spent time researching famous artists and written biographies. Parents will be impressed when they understand how much pupils have learnt!

In literacy, the big focus has been on writing different types of recounts. Pupils have been focusing on a specific spelling and grammar focus every week and they have all improved on their writing skills. They practise presenting work in class in different ways and they share many thoughts and ideas with each other. Reading skills focus has been how to collect words to add to their own individual wordlists and they have also looked at different types of questions to ask to find out more about a book.

The first big Numeracy test showed that all pupils have made progress, that they have learnt new facts and skills and grown a bit more confident. Pupils never compete, the only interesting thing to observe is to see how much they have learnt since last time and how much more confident they are when they work on their tasks. Year 5 pupils have used compasses for the first time, and every new skill needs practise, practise, practise. It was a sweaty lesson, but they added new Numeracy vocabulary to their word list, and they did a great job! Year 6 pupils have started looking at both order of operations and algebra. They try to use different mnemonics to remember new learning. Pupils share their understanding with each other and explain ongoing learning to each other.

Pupils have done a great job! It really is time for holidays, and we wish that pupils rest, play and have lots of fun! We meet again in November! And, as we all know, ‘Goodbyes are not forever; goodbyes are not the end. They only mean I’ll miss you until we meet again!’

Take good care of yourselves, dear Upper Primary pupils, and friends!