Great start in Lower Pre-Primary!

Hello everyone!

What a great first three weeks it’s been! Welcome back Malin, Marceau and Anan. It was wonderful seeing you again. You all grew so much over the summer and I was happy to see you were very excited to be back at school. I also want to welcome Elize, Sally, Rachel, Arthur and Constantin to Lower Pre-Primary. Your journey at ISG has officially begun and we will have so much fun!

During our first two weeks we took our time to get to know each other and the routines in Lower Pre-Primary. We learned the songs that we sing during our morning circle time such as “Goodmorning”  and “Sunday, Monday”.  We also learned to sing “the wheels on the bus” and “pitter patter raindrops”.

One of the stories that we read was ‘Bye, Bye’ which talks about going to school and saying goodbye to mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, caretaker, etc. The story taught us about the different feelings that go hand in hand with saying goodbye and being at school! Turns out school is a lot of fun and saying goodbye is only for a little while :-)

‘Ladybug’, our class friend (mascot), is always there to give support when needed. He likes to say hello and give hugs.

We have experimented with paint, crayons, paper, scissors, pens and plasticine. We made puzzels, played with the fishing game and we learned how to play “memory”.

This past week we started our unit “Houses and Homes”. For the entry point we went to the gym and got to experiment with big building blocks, blankets, pillows, tents, etc. We made a house that had a separate kitchen, bedroom and living room! It was a lot of fun.

In our classroom we found a whole bunch of miniature furniture, but no house….. We came up with the idea to make our own house out of a cabinet. There was one thing missing though, the house did not have a roof. Together we made a roof out of cardboard, painted it and attached it to the house.  

To practice our colours, we made a house using colour matching. The different sticks needed to build our house had coloured dots on them that matched with the lines on the paper. Together we named the different colours and tried to match the right stick with it’s matching colour! Afterwards we drew who lives in the house we made. The result was wonderful to see.

When Miss Anne came over on Thursday, she helped us building a real house with a roof in our classroom! The house even has a slide as an exit! How exciting! The new house gave the children a lot of new ideas for roleplay and we discussed the different dress-up clothes/options we have in our classroom. We love to dress up and play!

As the children are settling in well… I would like to thank you, the parents, for your trust, cooperation and brave “goodbye moments” in the morning. For some of the children it’s their first real school experience and it’s never easy leaving them behind. But always tell yourself… “How lucky am I, to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”



Miss Lori