A great start to a new school year! Welcome to upper pre-primary!

What a great start we have had! The children are settling into their new class, learning the rules and routines and making new friends. They have decided we are the ‘owl class’! To decorate our class window each child made their own owl and had lots of fun painting the tree branches to put them on! They have learnt about owl habitats, what they eat, special features and the names of different owls. Their favourite owl is the pygmy owl! (the smallest owl in the world!) There was great excitement in the class when they became little scientists and dissected a real owl pellet!

Our Jolly Phonics programme has already got under way. The children have been practising the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘I’, and ‘p’ and how to write them. There is a real buzz in the class with everybody eager to learn.

In numeracy work the children are practising counting and writing the numerals correctly.

The children were introduced to our castle with the eight personal values that we will learn during the year. Our first value is all about ‘respect’. We discussed being kind to each other, listening when others are talking, looking after plants, flowers and animals, not destroying anything and taking care of our games and toys. We hope to see the children showing lots of respect over the next few weeks.

We began our first unit of work ‘Houses and Homes’ on Friday with our entry point. The children had lots of fun working, planning, discussing and playing together to make their homes. It was a pleasure to watch them having so much fun using their imagination and being creative. Check out the pictures on display outside our classroom! Also visit our class to see the beautiful drawings and paintings of houses that are in progress!