Happy, messy learning!

How time flies! The year 4 pupils have been super busy learning and facing their challenges with resilience!

We wrapped up the ‘Active Planet’ unit with a fun day of hands-on activities. We finally got to see our salt-dough volcano erupt – you put baking soda, food colouring, soap and vinegar in it, then everything bubbles up. Really cool! We also made lava lamps, a seismograph and tested which liquid runs faster: honey or soap.

We went on two amazing trips to participate in events. The first one was Sing! – an interactive concert at BOZAR, in Brussels. It was fun to sing along with a real orchestra and almost one thousand children! The second one was the Battle of the Scientists, organized by ISG and ISL, who hosted it this year. Their presentations were super interesting!

There were also special visitors: a group of dental students came to teach us all about our teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy.

Just before the Easter break, we had a very special guest, a real bunny! He is so cute and calm, he got to spend the whole morning with us. Thank you Felwa!

Coming back from the holiday and having World Adventure Week was the best! We read with our buddy class, had an acting exercise with Miss Maria and read stories and poems from all over the world.

Lastly, we have started our new unit: Inventions that Changed the World, and we’re looking forward to learning a lot of new and exciting things!