I'm alive

Welcome back to the Lower Primary Blog!


We hope everybody had a fantastic Easter Holiday! We came back energized and ready for the last stretch of this academic year. The children are fantastic and I am just amazed to see how much they have developed and how much they have learned! 


Immediately after the holidays the entire school became immersed in our first Maths Week! The children could experience first hand that mathematics is a part of our daily lives and it is not just about numbers and arithmetic. 


For starters Lower Primary organized a ‘Snack Shop’. The children brought lovely snacks from home, watermelon, cookies, cake, fruit, jello-o, cupcakes, dry fruit, brownies… you name it! The class made labels with the different prices and then set up a shop. All primary students had the opportunity to buy the snacks using real money. The class counted the money and also gave change when needed. What a great way to learn! When the shop was closed we organized the different coins according to their value and we counted the money using the addition strategies that we had learned! Look at the pictures of this great activity!


During maths week we also studied and built different types of bridges using popsicle sticks and glue! It was a tricky task but with hard work and resilience we built very colourful cantilever bridges. We then tested their resistance using sand bags. The class learned about weight and made bags of 1 kg to test the strength of the bridges. Some of our bridges could hold up to 24 kg!!!!! The Primary and pre-primary classes joined us while we tested some of the bridges, everybody was excited and amazed to see how strong some of the bridges were! Look at the pictures!


To prepare for our new unit, we designed a ‘Butterfly Pavilion'. The class first produced drawings on scale and learned how to use a ruler and how to measure centimetres. Later on we got crafty and built the cage using screws and a drill!


During the Maths week we also had the first SET championship of ISG! All Primary classes participated and we were so proud to have our very own Sofia in the final! She played wonderfully against Luca from Upper Primary. We are very proud of her! Congratulations!


Last week we started our last IPC project for this year: ‘I am alive’. We have been learning about different life forms and what it means to be alive. We have in our class 30 caterpillars that are gradually developing into butterflies. We are observing and recording all their changes! The caterpillars are doubling in size every day!! Keep tuned to this blog to learn more about their metamorphosis!

We celebrated two birthdays this time around: Zarka and Sofiia! Congratulation to both of you!


Lower Primary has so many things lined up in the coming months! Be ready for some amazing surprises!

Take care and see you again soon!!!