It's a song about me, It's a song about my individuality...

Dear parents,

Welcome to the Lower Pre-Primary blog!  We hope you have had a lovely Autumn holiday and that you are all ready to come back to school.

Time flies when you are busy and enjoy what you do, and so the first two months of this school year have already passed! The children in Lower Pre-Primary have been busy learning, creating, and adjusting to our school.

This year we have an amazing group of 15 sweet children from all around the world. We have started the year by getting to know each other, the daily routine, and our class rules. We have learned how to play together, how to wait patiently for our turn, how to be more independent and kinder to each other.

We are so proud of our group who have already grown a lot over the last 8 weeks. Communicating with new friends without speaking the same language is a big challenge, however the children have left us speechless many times! They continually show us (the teachers) how pure, kind, sensitive, respectful, and supportive little people can be.

The children are developing different skills such as listening to each other, working as a team, being thoughtful and they have also worked on their fine and gross motor skills.

Our first IPC unit of work called ‘All about me’ was the perfect theme to start the year - we were super curious to know more about each other.

Our ‘entry point’ was a big success. Thank you, dear parents, for your cooperation. We had a lovely party! Each child showed us their favorite toy or book and shared their favorite snack. During the last few weeks we have read many stories related to our topic, sung lots of songs and used different skills to create beautiful art. Through this art, the children learned about their favorite colours, animals, food and so much more. We now know from which country we all come from and the size of our hands and feet! The children know how many eyes, ears, arms, and fingers they have and they know how to count to ten!

Every day we have discovered another piece of the ‘All about me’ puzzle and we enjoyed it so much! For our ‘exit point’ we hung all the art pieces that we made and admired our own littel art gallery! The children had so much fun telling their friends about themselves and were super proud to receive the ‘all about me’ champion medal!

We also celebrated Santi and Philipp’s birthday. They both turned three years old and we wish them all the best!

Last week was all about Halloween! We decorated our class with some spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, and bats. We had a great Halloween party! It was the perfect way to end our week and to start the mid-term break.

Autumn wishes to you all.


Miss Inbal, Miss Anne and Miss Laura.