The joys of the winter season!!

Hello dear families, 

As the end of the year is fastly approaching, we would like to give you a little update on Middle Primary.

Our Entry Point to our last project of the year, ‘They Made a Difference’, was all about significant people in the past and the present. The pupils had to look at photos of significant people and try to find out who they were/are and then research about them. The pupils made some lovely posters about all these amazing people. We also researched a number of scientists who had made discoveries or inventions and matched them with pictures that represented each of their significant stories. Lastly, we focused on Antoni Gaudi, we looked at his architecture and sculptures and discussed their forms and use of colour. The children then made mosaics based on his work.

The Year 3 numeracy pupils are extremely hard working and love their maths class. They have worked hard on multiplication and division, addition and subtraction with three digits, problem solving and programming Blue Bobs.  It is a joy to see how enthusiastic they are. Well done!!

We enjoyed an afternoon of acting individually and in pairs to Christmas themes, it was lovely to see how confident and fun the pupils are.

As a class we think and discuss a lot about how we can help others and what we can do to improve on ourselves. The pupils put together their own Resolutions for 2020 and it is heart warming to read about how they want to improve in different areas of their lives.

Mr. Francis has been doing an incredible job at teaching sport and the children are very enthusiastic about learning new skills and developing or strengthening other skills.  

Birthday treats: Ying Ying, Zahra and I celebrated our birthdays. All of year 3 & 4 made some yummy chocolate buns and enjoyed eating them even more. Louise, Gabriela and Riya played happy birthday on the recorder and left me with the biggest smile. Thank you thoughtful girls!!

Movie night was a huge success and we must thank Lucia and Ying Ying for their fabulous drawing for the entrance to the cinema for 'Neverending Story'.

So much effort was put into our Christmas show and this was clearly evident when each child shone when singing and dancing. Well done everyone!!

Year 3 to 6 were treated to a morning of ice-skating at the Christmas market, it was such a lovely way to end the year.

As an International School pupils come and go,  and the time has come for us to wish Zahra the very best of luck at her new school and to let her know that she will be greatly missed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I have enjoyed teaching your child and being part of this amazing ISG team. It have been the most incredible years here, which I will carry with me. But I will see you all in January!!

Till then, 

            I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, love filled 2020.

                Biggest of hugs
                  Ms. Rebecca