Learning is Fun

First I would like to share that I am very happy to be back at ISG and looking forward to teach your children for the remaining part of the year. My classroom is your children’s home away from home.


The first week back we used Lego Story Start­er to write and tell our own stories. Story Starter helps the students to create stories in a natural way. It enhances speaking, listening, reading, writing, and compre­hension skills. It gets students involved right from the start, motivating them to use their imagination to develop and cre­ate narratives, characters, and storylines. After building their stories students take turns to share their ideas. They can also use the computers to write their story, which enables them to combine words and im­ages to resolve problems in storytelling that they would not be able to resolve us­ing words alone.

In year 3 we’ve been busy practicing our numeracy skills, working with fractions, shapes and word problems. As always, we are learning while having fun, either working in small groups or all together as a single group. 
We also have a good time learning with our interactive board. One example is our Abacus interactive programme that proposes different interactive ac­tivities. It is an excellent way to learn Maths in the way that children can see different examples, solve prob­lems and receive immediate feedback. Whiteboards help pupils absorb informa­tion easily and have groups discussions. For teachers it is a great teaching tool because we can integrate our lessons, pictures, graphs and make annotations quite easily.

Our reading rotation mornings are now established, children get to read one on one with the teacher while the rest of the class is working independently on different tasks. This way every student is responsible for his or her own learning.

In literacy, we have been looking at writing instruction, year 4 made there own cooking show while year 3 were making a cup of tea. EL children made a stop motion movie using imperative verbs. They did a wonderful job!  Furthermore, they have been learning more about grammar rules, spelling rules and practicing their writing skills. I would also like to congratulate the Year 3 and Year 4 students for their amazing performance on their spelling tests. I am very proud to see so many perfect scores! Keep it up guys!


Lastly we finished our term with carnival celabratipons, what a lot of fun!

Have a super nice holiday.


Ms Anelda and Ms Maria