Learning, investigating and exploring!

To begin I would like to give a warm welcome to Hiromi, Minami, Lana and Aayush who have joined our class. They are all settling in very well and are already part of our little family!

After the Easter break we came back to school and had a super ‘Maths week’. It was a great week where we just focused on maths activities. The children made their very own live number line for doing addition. They had to jump the correct number of spaces to find the answer! It was great fun with great learning! We also put lots of time into counting - going all the way to 100! The children were introduced to measurement and weight. They enjoyed playing with our new metre stick and looking for things in the classroom that were 1 metre long. They learnt about weight, using our classroom scales to see what objects were heavier and lighter. We also weighed ourselves and compared our weights! They children learnt the names of many 2D and 3D shapes. They explored shapes by making different shapes with sticks and making a beautiful abstract art painting. They also made a ‘cube’ which some of the children turned into a dice!

Following our ‘Maths Week’ we began our final unit of work ‘sand and water’.

For our entry point we had a full day of activities with sand and water both inside and outside of the classroom! The children investigated and explored sand and water through different activities. They played, smiled, learnt and laughed a lot!  Make sure you look at the photos of our entry point that are displayed in our classroom with the explanation of what we did.

The children are well into their study of water, we have talked about the importance of water and how it is necessary for life. We have looked at the three states of water- solid, liquid and gas.  They have also learnt about the water cycle and all the children helped to make the beautiful display hanging outside our classroom. Ask your child to explain to you what happens! During this work they loved making clouds, adding raindrops and on some clouds there are even flashes of lightning!

The children began making boats with paper but soon found out they were not waterproof! Lots of work and investigation has been going on to make the perfect boat! If you have any empty plastic containers they are still welcome!

They are enjoying all our water activities in the class and our exploring measuring water by counting the millilitres.

The children have also learnt about the lifecycle of the frog and as you know we are watching real tadpoles grow in our class! We need to be patient but some children think they have spotted the back legs popping out!

The children have been working hard to finish their fourth Jolly Phonics work book with special emphasis on the double letter sounds - ai, ee, ie, oa and all children are enjoying their reading! Keep up the good work everyone!

Congratulations to Mar and Kasper who have both turned six and congratulations to Ying Ying who received the Headmaster award last week.

I wish all the Mums a very happy Mother’s Day for Sunday and hope you enjoy your present, card and poem which your beautiful children have made for you!