Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping you and me

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping you and me


First I would like to give a warm welcome to our new friend Alexander who joined our class in the beginning of january. Alexander we are very happy to have you here in LPP. I’m glad that you are already doing so great and have so much fun at school.

Welcome back also to Aura and Anan, who have been visiting their homecountries for some while. We are happy to have you back here at ISG.

A warm welcome also to Monica, an erasmus intern from Barcelona, who will be assisting in LLP for 3 months. She is a great help and the children like her a lot!


The last weeks have been very exciting, because we have been learning a lot of things about shopping, had a little shop in our class and even went shopping to the bakery.

For our ‘entry point’ we had a very exciting shopping and pizza baking day:

  1. We made a shopping list with all the ingredients that we needed for our pizza.
  2. We went shopping to Miss Brigitte’s shop here in our school.
  3. We cut the ingredients and made a delicious pizza. Our lunch was yummy!
  4. We made some beautiful artwork pizza’s to decorate our classroom. 

In our classroom we made a shop with all that you need in a shop: A till, shopping baskets, shopping trolleys, shopping bags, money and of course things to buy. The first few weeks it was a little supermarket with fruits, vegetables and all kind of groceries. After some weeks we decided to make a toy shop with different toys from our classroom. We enjoyed it so much to go shopping in our little shop and to be the shopkeeper .

We learnt about different types of shops for example the bakery, the supermarket, the butcher, the toyshop, the clothshop, the bookshop, … and what you can buy in these shops.

In our circle time we learned two beautiful songs about shopping (‘Let’s go shopping’ and ‘This is the way we like to shop’). We loved to sing them and to walk or dance around, it was lots of fun.

To go shopping in our classroom shop we made a shopping bag: first we coloured it and than we decorated it with a lot of glitter.

Each one of us designed a shopping basket. They all look wonderful, each one unique and different just as we are. We used this basket also to go shopping in our own little classroom shop.

For our ‘exit point’ we went shopping to the bakery outside of the school. Our buddy class (year 4 from Primary – Miss Anelda’s class) came with us. It was really exciting and fun. We orderd chocholate cookies and everyone paid for their own with 1 Euro. Back at school we ate our cookies together with our buddy class. We enjoyed it a lot and made some new buddys.

It was definitly a fun and exciting shopping unit!


During this month we have also been learning about MORALITY and how to make the right decision in a conflict situation. For that, we made a traffic light, to help us make the right decision.

RED = Stop!

ORANGE = Think!

GREEN = Do the right thing!


Today we had a super fun carnival party. We’ve been dancing in the classroom, had a yummy snack and have been dancing with the whole school. It was a lot of fun and now we are ready for the holidays.


I would also like to welcome back Miss Inbal, who will take over LPP after the midterm break and would like to thank you for your trust and cooperation.

I had a wonderful time here at ISG and it was a pleasure to teach the little ones in LPP. I will bring a lot of wonderful memories back to my homecountry Austria, where I will contine my masters degree.

I will still be here the first three days after the mid-term break together with Miss Inbal.


I wish you and your children all the best and a lot of wonderful experiences in their life.


Kind regards,

Miss Riccarda