Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Welcome to the final Middle Pre-Primary blog of the year!

When we returned to school after the April holiday, we got straight into book week! The children had so much fun reading, re-enacting and making crafts around the book ‘Mine’ by Emily Gravett. We also created our very own stories, painting the background, creating the characters and thinking of the storyline! 

Then we began our final IPC unit – Up and Away! For our Entry Point we had a fun day with Upper Pre-Primary flying gliders, playing with toy helicopters, pretending to be airplanes and having kite races!

During this unit we learnt about all things that go 'Up and Away'! We explored how hot air balloons, planes, kites and bubbles fly! The children painted and made their very own kites and we took them outside to fly them, having kite races and exploring how speed and wind help kites to fly. We investigated gravity and learnt about how it keeps us on the ground and found out that without gravity we would be flying everywhere! We also explored space and learnt about the planets and saw how astronauts live in space. 

We made our own bubble wands and explored why and how bubbles can float and found out that they can float because they are full of air and they are very, very light! We then experimented with the weight of different objects and tested whether or not they would float/fly. 

We also made our own paper airplanes and explored how far and how high we could fly them. We tested throwing our planes from different heights and at different speeds. We also learnt that the more streamline the plan is the faster it will go!

We continued to build on our numeracy and language skills; finishing all the sounds and we had lots of fun creating different crafts for each sound. Including jellyfish, x-ray hands and zebras! We continued to practice writing our numbers and our letters. We learnt about simple addition and subtraction and explored math concepts such as weight, height and learning the names of different shapes! 

The children in Middle Pre-Primary have learnt and grown so much this academic year. We have had so much fun learning lots of new skills and facts, developing new ideas and interests along the way!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and I wish you all the very best!

Miss Anya