Lower Primary have been building!

Hello everyone!

Since the mid term break we have been working hard at our IPC topic and finding out all about buildings. Constructing homes for our entry point was a great introduction to the topic, we followed this by looking at buildings through the ages and produced a timeline starting with Stone Age homes and finishing with houses today.  We also looked at construction techniques by creating bridges with paper and then testing them until they collapsed. We also took a journey around the world to learn about some of the most famous buildings- we've discovered about the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and Machu Picchu to name just a few.  We rounded off our unit with our exit point where we tried to build the tallest structure using straws and tape or lolly pop sticks.

In numeracy we have been busy with working on our numbers to 100, adding and taking away 10 and finding one more or one less.  We have also been adding 3 numbers and have been focusing on finding out the difference between amounts.  Most recently we began a weighing unit using non-standard units to record our findings.

Last weekend it was our International Festival which we all greatly enjoyed. There was a really fantastic show- Lower Primary and Upper Pre Primary did a great rendition of Imagine by John Lennon, there was plenty of singing and dancing and delicious food.

This term has also been a time of endings and new beginnings. Firstly we welcomed a new student Ning into our class. Welcome Ning- we are so happy to have a new friend here with us! We have also had to say goodbye to our dear friend Anay who left this week back to India- we will miss you Anay! As well as this the class have had to say goodbye to Miss Julieta who left to have a baby and just delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday- congratulations Miss Julieta! Lower Primary now have a new teacher Miss Erica who started 2 weeks ago. The class and Miss Erica have been busy getting to know one another and look forward to next term together.

We had a lovely leaving party/welcome party for Miss Julieta and Miss Erica- the children brought in so many delicous things to eat. A huge thanks to the parents for catering for us so well! This month it was also Alexander's birthday- we had a delicious strawberry cake. Thank you so much Alexander!

When we come back we will jump straight into Book Week and the following week we are going to start our new topic 'The Stories People Tell'. Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Easter break and enjoy your time with friends and family.