May the force be with you!

After the Christmas holidays, it was of course time to start up a new IPC-unit, 'Feel the force'. Pupils in year 2 have spent the last few weeks learning about forces. The Entry Point was a fun tug-of-war game in a local playground. Primary pupils had a great afternoon! They pulled and they pulled! And sometimes they fell... Now they know a lot about friction, magnetism and gravity. They have looked closer at compasses. They have tried to understand how magnets work. They have tested to see if it is true that some poles on magnets attract each other and that some repel each other. They have earned more about natural forces, like volcanoes. They have experimented. They have discussed. They have read texts and they have written down important information. A lot of learning have taken place in the classroom and out on the playground.

Year 2 pupils have promised the organising committee to help out during the Battle of the Scientists. They will be the Show Group, performing a dance in front of all the visitors during this important event here at ISG. They are excited about this, and are happy about the fact that they already know a cool song and dance that they could perform! We are all looking forward to this day!

Pupils have shown that they are quite confident when it comes to writing a recount. They have for example written a recount about a visit to a local cafe, and together they came up with lots of good ideas of verbs in past tense and connecting words they could use to give their texts a nice flow.

During numeracy lessons this last week, Year 2 pupils have started taking a closer look at fractions. It is not alwasy easy to understand that two halves make a whole, but they have started to learn about halves, thirds and quarters. Important learning!

The walls in the classroom are filled with beautiful drawings of a winter sky. Pupils worked really hard on trying to make the scene look really winterlike.

Ulma got the Headmaster Award during Assembly. Both she and her whole class were proud and happy that day!

During the last week of school before the Mid-term holiday, Year 2 pupils visited their buddy class. Upper Pre-primary have been learning about 'Shopping' ahd had invited their friends to come and shop in their super market. It was fun to buy cookies!

The last day of school all pupils at ISG came dressed in costumes, ready to participate in the Carnival Party. They walked the red carpet and they danced. All pupils in Year 2 looked fantastic and they had a fun day together. Now they and all the other pupils here at ISG enjoy a well deserved week of holiday before it is time to come back to school again!