Merry Christmas and a happy 2018!!!!

Hello everybody! Lower primary has been doing lots of amazing learning in these past few weeks…

The best way to learn and improve any skill is getting lots of practice. This week we wrote lovely Christmas cards for our parents. Writing with their neatest handwriting, all the children produced cards they were proud of. Everybody did an amazing job! We hope you like them too parents!

The Exit Point is the final step in every Project from an IPC unit. It is the culmination of all the activities involved in the project. With an ‘exit point’ we celebrate the knowledge, skills and understanding that took place during the project.  Every day in school we encourage the children to be in charge of their learning. At a very early age this could be quite challenging, but little by little the children become aware of the learning process and start to reflect about it. The Exit Point is a great opportunity for this process to take place. Last Monday, we visited a Chocolaterie. The class had the opportunity to make their own chocolate bar. They learned about how chocolate is made and had a close look at a cocoa pod and cocoa beans. They also tried three different kinds of chocolate, and they put all their senses to the test.

We practise our Numeracy skills every day as well… and the whole class is getting more confident with numbers!!. During this term we have worked with euro cent coins. The children loved to play ‘shop’ and to take turns to be the shop keeper and the buyer. We also had fun with our interactive white board and some fun numeracy puzzles and games. We are having fun and learning at the same time. At the end of our term we also had our Numeracy test. The results were very good in general. Well done everybody!

As part of this IPC unit we were involved in so many incredible activities. We created science models using different materials and explored different art techniques such as pastels, clay modelling, collages and 3-d structures. We are very proud of our models. We have them on display outside our classroom. We also made a couple of experiments. One of them was to identify different scents. The other experiment was to differentiate between 4 main tastes (sour, sweet, salty and bitter). The class recorded their findings and observations to keep in their IPC book..

 School life is full of challenges, learning activities and of course lots of fun. This term has been a very busy one, but at the same time very rewarding. We have shared so much and we have also grown a lot!

We also would like to wish Supratim, Almayasa and Felipe all the best as they move on from ISG - back to their home country! We will miss you, but we are sure you will be great in your new school!

In terms of birthdays we had a very busy agenda, we celebrated the following birthdays: Mirei, Ying Ying, Almayasa, Emily and Anay! Congratulations!!!

As a lovely Chirstmas treat, Davi baked and decorated cookies for the whole classroom. Thank you very much Davi, they were both beautiful and delicious!

I would like to wish you and your family a lovely holiday! May 2018 be full of good health, joy and peace!