Once Upon a Time... Let's Pretend Unit

Hello Everyone!

LPP have had lots of fun over the last two months. First we would like to give a warm welcome to our three new girls who come all the way from India. Anshika, Saanvi and Tanvisha, it is so nice to have new friends in our group. Welcome to ISG, sweet girls!

Inspired by our IPC unit called ‘Let’s Pretend’, let us tell you all about what we have been doing in Lower Pre-Primary over the last few weeks…

Once upon a time, there were eleven children from all around the world who went to a special school in a town called Ghent. The children loved to learn, to play and to sing together. They were good friends, who enjoyed spending time together, helping and supporting each other.

The days became shorter and the weather turned colder but inside the warm and cosy class the little children were busy learning about winter. They painted penguins and snowmen and practiced counting winter images.

One day, the children were sticking cotton balls to the window pretending they were snowflakes, when suddenly they saw real snowflakes falling from the sky…

The little children started to jump and to laugh and they all went outside to play in the snow. When they came back inside they were surprised to see eleven colourful pillows, warm tea and a good book waiting for them. What a lovely afternoon!

The group of eleven children then learnt about puppets from all over the world. They made their own sock puppet, stick puppet and paper roll puppet. They enjoyed listening to many fairy tales such as Goldilocks and the three bears, The frog prince, The three billy goats gruff, Chicken licken, The gingerbread man and The three little pigs.

One Friday morning, all three pre-primary classes came together and watched a beautiful puppet show about a cat named Poppoti and his fish Gaga.

The eleven little children worked hard to prepare a nice show for the other pre-primary classes. They painted the blue river and the green grass. They created their own crowns for the show and practiced keeping their balance when walking on the troll’s bridge.

The show was fantastic! All children sang a song together and acted out the Three Billy Goats Gruff’ story. Then we watched the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story which was performed by Middle Pre-Primary. It was a lovely day.

Just like in a real fairytale we created our own castle and had so much fun pretending we were knights and princesses. We even had three kings and one queen who celebrated their birthdays in our castle. Congratulations sweet Luigi, Takumi, Spandan and Saanvi. Thank you for the delicious cakes.

We ended our week by having a lovely carnival party together with the whole school. Beautiful costumes, great music and lots of fun!

The eleven little children and two teachers of Lower Pre-Primary lived happily ever after and went on their mid-term break to rest and to enjoy some family time.

Have fun everyone and all the best,

Miss Inbal and Miss Anne.