People from the past!

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas….

….and a 2020 full of learning!

 Hello everybody! Lower primary has been doing lots of amazing learning these past few weeks…

The best way to learn and improve any skill is through lots of practice… and Lower Primary knows it.  We worked very hard to get our Christmas dance ready for all our friends and family. It wasn’t easy to learn all the steps and to move to new rhythms. But the children showed resilience and international mindedness.  Everybody did an amazing job! I could not be prouder of all my class!

We have jumped into our new International Primary Curriculum unit: People from the past. During this unit, we will study important persons from the past who have shaped our world one way or another; activists, musicians, explorers, scientists, leaders, humanists….

For our Entry Point, the class talked about one famous person they consider inspirational. We talked about how they contributed to history. The children gathered information about them, and they designed posters. Later, we created a timeline with all these famous people. Have you seen it at the top of the stairs? If not, make sure you have look at, it is amazing.

Genghis Kahn a fearsome warrior who bridged east and west! We studied the life of Genghis Kahn. We read stories about him and did some research about his achievements and his remarkable life. Using their own voices, the class created a story. Every student took on a task of retelling a part of his life.  Using Lego Education, the children created amazing illustrations to complement their narrative. We are very proud of the result!

As an end of year treat, we had a lovely winter walk in Ghent. The guide shared with us lots of information about the most important places in the city centre. He also introduced us to a very famous person from the past: Jacob van Artevelde “The wise man of Ghent”. Our class is going to find out more about him when we come back from our holidays!

We practised our Numeracy skills every day and the whole class is getting more confident with numbers! During this term we have worked with euro cent coins. The children loved to play ‘shop’ and to take turns to be the shop keeper and the buyer. We are learning and enjoying at the same time. At the end of our term we had our Numeracy test. The results were very good in general. Well done everybody!

School life is full of challenges, learning activities and of course lots of fun. This term has been very busy but at the same time very rewarding. We have shared so much and we have also grown a lot!

The very last day of school we celebrated Guraansh 6th birthday! Thank you for the yummy cake!

Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday! May 2020 be full of good health, joy and peace!

Thank you!





Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan