Sand, water and some frogs too!

Hello everyone!

 Another few weeks passed in Lower Pre-Primary and the summer is approaching! After the Easter holiday we were lucky to welcome Malin from Sweden and Anan from China. Welcome to ISG and we hope you have fun learning and growing at our school.

The first two weeks after the holiday we spent time getting to know each other and had a ‘unit free’ time. We did all sorts of painting including water and fingerpainting. We practiced our cutting skills and even painted with balloons! We played games where we learned the colours and what happens when we mix them. We also practiced the numbers and counting using fun blow-up numbers and blocks.

In the beginning of May we started our new IPC unit Sand and Water. Our entry point was a big success! We had a sand and water day in the classroom where trays were set up to engage experimenting and exploring with different kinds of sand, water, mud and toys.

Thanks to Sebastian and his family we were lucky to get some tadpoles in our classroom! We learned about the lifecycle of frogs and learned a song about five little speckled frogs:

Five little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log

Eating some delicious bugs, yum, yum!

One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool

Now there are four green speckled frogs!


We made frog headbands and jumped around the classroom as frogs! As the tadpoles will grow we will keep an eye on how they change and wait (im)patiently for them to transform intro frogs.

We learned about the words ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ and what they mean. We blew bubbles outside and made bubble art! In the mystery box we had sandpaper that we discovered and felt. We even made art with the sandpaper! Together we came up with the idea to change the house corner in the classroom into a relaxing underwater cave with different sensory play items with sand and water. This is still under construction as we still have to make some decorations! To be continued…. :-) 

Lots of love