Senses are our helpers!

Welcome to our class blog!

It has been amazing to see all the children back in school. I feel very fortunate to be able to work and learn with an amazing group of children!

We started this school year exploring how we best learn and the different types of learning. (skills, knowledge and understanding). The children also understood how our brain works and the importance of having a growth mindset.

During these past weeks we have been working hard improving our literacy skills. Year one has been practising their handwriting. They are beginning to write sentences independently to tell a story and they have been doing lots of amazing reading!  Yr two has been busy practising their writing skills with different types of texts, improving their reading skills, and studying different topics of grammar.

The class reads one on one with a teacher twice a week during our reading rotation sessions. During reading rotation, the kids learn how to work independently, and they are responsible for their tasks. Yr 1 students are gradually adjusting and getting used to our routines, good job Tiago, Rayaan, Elize and Laura.

Side to side with our complete numeracy curriculm, we love to explore patterns and relationships between numbers. We play games that ecourage critical and logical thinking and that helps them to improve their visual tracking and their spatial perception skills. 

During our IPC unit ‘Sensational’ we were very busy learning about how our body works and also that like all living things we use our senses to experience the world around us.. We created science models using different materials to understand how our eyes, skin and ears work.  The class explored different art techniques such as pastels, clay modelling, collages, 3-d structures and paint marbling. We are very proud of our models. We still have them on display around the school .

We also made a few experiments. One of them was to identify different scents. The other experiment was to differentiate between 4 main tastes (sour, sweet, salty and bitter).  We also made an ear drum to visualize the sound waves. The class recorded their findings and observations to keep in their IPC book.


An Exit Point is the final step in every Project from the IPC. It is the culmination of all the activities involved in the project. With an ‘exit point’ we celebrate the knowledge, skills and understanding that took place during the project.  Every day in school we encourage the children to be in charge of their learning. At a very early age this could be quite challenging, but little by little the children become aware of the learning process and start to reflect about it. The Exit Point is a great opportunity for this process to take place. For the exit point of our project SENSETIONAL the class prepared a presentation in our school assembly. Everybody prepared their part and as a class we made a power point presentation with pictures of their work to embellish our presentation! It was a job well done and we received lots of positive feedback from peers and teachers!  

School life is full of challenges, learning activities and of course lots of fun. This term has been a very busy one, but at the same time very rewarding. We have shared so much, and we have also grown a lot!

Kasper, Vritika, Tiago and Fernando celebrated their birthday this term! Congratulations and thank you very much for the lovely treats!

I would like to wish you and your family a lovely autumn holiday.  Please take care and enjoy your amazing children!

Ms Julieta