Shining our light in Lower Primary 2!

 Welcome to Lower Primary

What an exciting start to the school year!

I’m Ms Narissa and together with Ms Carla we have had the privilege to welcome our lovely little Lower Primary 2 class into the 2021-2022 school year.  Although we are Lower Primary 2, we are so lucky to be able to share our learning and classroom experiences with Lower Primary 1, Ms Julieta and Ms Estella!

Ms Julieta has been working with Year 1 on their Numeracy and I have been working with Year 2!
For our literacy time the children have been learning all about how to be independent learners. They have learnt how to ‘Read to Self’, ‘Work on Writing’ and do ‘Word Work’ to become better readers and writers – and they are doing a very successful job!
After the autumn break, we’ll be learning all about ‘Reading to Someone’ and how to become a better reader by ‘Listening to Reading’. All of these make up the 5 activities that are part of the Daily 5 literacy method. You can always ask your child more about their literacy time and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

After a short introduction to the brain and how we learn, the children have jumped into learning all about light during our IPC unit this term. For more information about our IPC activities, check out Ms Julieta’s blog!

This year we welcome Alek, Andrew and Daksh into Year 1 – new to primary but not to ISG!
We love having you in our class boys!
We also have two new students to ISG, Arjun from India in Year 1 and Roni from Israel in Year 2 – we’re so glad you are with us!
And last, but not least, the rest of Year 2 is made up of returning students Eyal, Elize, Laura and Tiago who have been great at showing our new children what ISG is all about!

Unfortunately, Daksh was only with us for a short time and we had to say goodbye a few weeks ago as he returned to India. We all miss him and wish him all the best in his new school. Who knows, we may get to see him again soon!

This month we were also lucky enough to be able to celebrate Tiago’s birthday with fantastic homemade cupcakes that he helped make -yum!

Finally, to finish off our first few weeks of the term we shared a thrilling Halloween party with Upper Primary and performed a poem about witches for the Pre-Primary children!

We wish you a very safe and enjoyable break and look forward to welcoming back everyone for the next term in November!

Ms Narissa