Sing a song of flowers...

Dear parents,

First I would like to give a warm welcome to sweet Yihe who joined our class in February and settled in so well. We are very happy to have you in Lower Pre-Primary.

Over the last few weeks we were very busy learning and discovering new facts about plants and flowers. We had a lovely ‘entry point’ in which a colourful flower bouquet was delivered to our class. It was such a nice surprise and we all enjoyed smelling the flowers and exploring the different shapes and colours that they have. Then each child chose their favourite flower and drew it.

We had so much fun opening our own flower shop in class. Some of us were shop keepers, others were customers and some of us worked in the shop keeping it clean and organised.

We also played many games related to plants and flowers. We sorted flowers and seeds by colours and size and created a big plant using different kind of materials.

The children were very enthusiastic to learn about the parts of a plant and the five needs of a plant. We planted sunflower and bean seeds and took care of them by giving them water every day and making sure they had enough sunlight, soil and space.

We read the lovely story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we really enjoyed acting out the story. We also practiced our gross motor skills while pretending we were Jack, climbing up the beanstalk. Then we pretended we were a giant who was walking in his castle.

We enjoyed different arts and crafts activities. We all painted a giant beanstalk together and we cooperated so well. We made flowers from clay and have practiced our fine motor skills while cutting photos of plants and flowers.

There are many new songs that we love to sing, you can ask your child to sing it to you at home. (sing a song of flowers / I like the flowers / In the spring time / 5 little ducks).

Our 'exit point' was a real success, we made flower cookies and had a lovely picnic full of songs and games!

We celebrated Rachel and Spandan’s birthdays, they have turned 3 and we would like to wish them all the best and thank you for the delicious cakes.

The last week was all about spring and Easter. All children were very busy painting their Easter baskets, chicklets and bunnies.  On Friday we had our Easter egg hunt which was a lovely way to end the week before the holidays.

I wish you all a very nice spring break. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. See you in two weeks.