Spread your wings and fly

Dear Upper Primary pupils, we wish you a wonderful Summer holiday!

What a year Upper Primary pupils have had! They have experienced that it is true that 'Together, Everyone Achieves More' when they work together as a TEAM. And they have done so many fun things together this year. Pupils have enjoyed learning through IPC. From the Art-based unit 'They see the world like this' they moved on to the Science-based unit 'Extreme survivors'.

Just before the Christmas holidays, they finalised their very own non-fiction books about animals. Rising Covid-numbers affected school activities just before and after the Christmas holidays, but that didn't stop Upper Primary pupils from learning. During an exciting ICT- and computing based unit, 'Switched on', pupils learned how to code using Scratch and Lego We Do. That unit was followed by a Geography-based unit, 'Going Global', and pupils moved on the last unit of the year, 'AD900', a History-based unit. 

Pupils have written auto-biographies and biographies. They have researched and written explanations. Upper Primary pupils have written exciting adventure stories with historically correct facts woven into the plot. And they ended the year by writing and illustrating Creation Myths (traditional tales) and presenting their stories using Kamishibai theatres.

Pupils have grown. They have exercised and built healthy habits during the whole school year. Thanks to the Swimming and PE programme at ISG, they have become faster, stronger and healthier! They have challenged each other to bring healthy snacks to school. They have also learnt about Online safety, what to do and what not to do online, and they have learnt many good lessons about how words can be misinterpreted in chats etc. Upper Primary pupils have therefore also learnt how to solve problems, and how to use words and actions to end conflicts, instead of making them worse. We believe they leave this school year behind a bit wiser and a bit kinder.

Upper Primary pupils really have enjoyed our school trips, to Sealife, to the Port of Antwerp, to the MSK-museum in Ghent etc. And of course, the School Camp to Mambaye in June was both exciting and lots of fun!

During Bilingual programme lessons, the Bilingual group has worked on vocabulary and grammar, reading and writing, talking and listening - all in Dutch. They have improved and they showed their Language skills both during Assembly presentation, a visit to a local school, and the exciting Kamishibai story in Dutch that they presented this last school week.

The last week of school this year, Upper Primary pupils had lots of fun. Monday was Art Day, Tuesday was Fun Run Day, and Wednesday was Marble Reward Day (= ice-cream and games in the park). The weather was lovely! Thursday was our Sad Day, saying goodbye to each other after a lovely year together. Year 6 pupils leave Primary behind and start Secondary School next year. Some year 5 pupils move away and some start year 6 at ISG in September. Upper Primary class will be a different group next year. Some pupils (and Ms Jenny) leave Belgium and move to another country. Goodbye and good luck! 

Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do, and there were many hugs before pupils left the playground for the last time this school year. And now they are off on Summer Holidays! Teachers and pupils will enjoy these lazy weeks off! Enjoy sunshine, books, beach life, games and play!

See you in September,

Kind regards,

Ms Jenny, Mr Francis and Ms Ana