Starting with a smile :)

Welcome to our Lower Pre-Primary blog!

First, I would like to give a very warm welcome to five new children who have joined our class this year. Suzumi, Takumi, Luigi, Ira and Elliot, you have settled in so well and brought a lot of joy to our group.

I would like to thank Miss Anne, Miss Nadia and Miss Yaiza for all their help and support. We are very lucky to have you in LPP.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy getting to know each other and adjusting our classroom routines.

We played, sang, danced and read some great stories. It was amazing to see how nicely the children play and help each other without having the language. I am proud of them all!

Last week, we began our first IPC unit ‘All about me’. We enjoyed our ‘Entry Point’ together with MPP and UPP. The children came to school with their favourite clothes and brought their favourite toy. We shared our favourite snacks and had a small party. We played games and sang songs together. It was such a fun day!

We created our self-portraits from different materials, while looking at the mirror and learning about our face.

We already sing some songs in English! Our favourite songs are:

Open shut them, the finger family song, one little finger, Head shoulders knees and toes and 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

We celebrated Suzumi and Ira’s birthday. They both turned 3 and we wish them all the best. Thank you for the delicious cakes.

On Friday 21/09 we celebrated the international peace day. All children were very enthusiastic to make a long peace chain to decorate our school. We talked about being kind to each other and to show respect to all people, animals and the environment.

I would like to wish Elliot and his family lots of good luck in their new adventure in Hong Kong. We will miss you at ISG.

I wish you all a lovely and relaxing weekend. Enjoy your family and friends.

See you all on Monday!