Summer time!

Dear parents,

It was an honor to work with your children and see how much they have learnt and grown this year. Every child is so unique and special and together they were such a fun group. I really enjoyed singing, playing and doing art activities with them. It is amazing to see how much each child can grow in a year and learn how to express themselves, become more independent, ask clever questions, share and work so well as a team.  I am very proud of them all!

 I wish you all a lovely summer holiday, enjoy your families, your friends and the weather. We will meet again next school year with lots of great new activities. To those families who are leaving us, I wish the best of luck in your new adventure, we will miss you at ISG. Take care and lots of love,

 Miss Inbal.


Dear parents,

It has been lovely sharing this spring term with your children seeing them evolve, taking more responsibility and becoming more independent. Some of my favorite moments were when we played in the jungle dressed up as animals during our animal unit. Another nice moment was helping your children do papier-mâché for the first time. It was a very messy and fun experience both for them and me. Another nice moment was being a part of renewing our playground and then seeing the smile on all your children’s faces when they came to school the next day.

I wish you all a lovely summer holiday! For those families leaving us, I wish you all the best!

With kind regards,

Mr Michael


Dear parents,

What a fun school year we have had! We started with a small group and have grown to a class with 12 fantastic children! I have so enjoyed working with all of them!

We learned so much: how to respect each other and the material we use, learning to share, waiting turns and making the right choice.

I also want to thank you for the trust you have given us to guide and coach your child to become a good person. What a fantastic job they have done! You can all be proud of your child, each with their own personalities and talents. And so are we!

I wish you a wonderful holiday and we'll see each other again next school year for new challenges and fun play moments.

Big hugs,

Miss Anne