Summer's here

As the school year draws to a close it is time to start reflecting on all that has passed: what a year it has been and what a pleasure to spend it teaching such a fantastic group of small humans! I am immensely proud of the wonderful work they have done and the enthusiasm they have shown throughout the year.

In IPC we have been learning all about how to classify animals and the characteristics of the animals within those groups; the children are now experts on mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, amphibians and birds. There have been many great learning experiences during this project- we have watched tadpoles turn into toads, grown a variety of plants from seed, gone on bug hunts and had some furry visitors- Freddy and Tommy Lee, Miss Brigitte’s guinea pigs. We finished off our topic Live and Let Live with a fun-filled trip to the botanical gardens in Ghent.

We also had a really fun sports day in a local park with Year 2. The children played baseball with Mr Gilles and surprised us all with their great ball skills. After that, we played numerous team games and races. The weather was great and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Since our last blog we have celebrated Rianna, Yuya, Julia N, Nikos and Misha’s birthdays- thank you parents for the lovely cakes and treats. Happy birthday to you all and to Avni too who has a birthday coming up in August!

It’s also that time of year when we bid farewell to our friends. Goodbye Lana, Yuya and Julia B, we wish you and your families luck on your moves and hope to see you again sometime soon. We have also had to say goodbye to our lovely classroom assistants, Aurora and Bart who have been a great help and are much loved by the children- thanks for all your hard work, love and dedication it’s been a real pleasure having you in Year 1.

All that is left to say is a very happy holiday to you all, may it be full of fun and adventures. I look forward to seeing you again next school year and wish the children success in Year 2.