Taking aim: Habitats!

This term we welcomed back a familiar face to the classroom, good to see you again Maya! As winter days settled around us we thought back to warmer times, crafting poems about the sun using our new-found skills of simile and alliteration. Within our poetry unit students also thought ahead, first researching and then creating pieces to the prompt “If I could travel…”. Despite travel restrictions we were transported around the world through inspired imagery and figurative language! Destinations included the North Pole, Japan, Mexico, the UK, Hawaii and even Belgium. Have a look at our display in photos below!


We did some exploration closer to home as part of our IPC unit ‘Do You Live Around Here?’. In our Geography lessons we set off down the road to survey the neighbourhood with a focus on house types. Eagle-eyed students spotted terraced houses, semi-detached residences and a few flats! Afterwards we drew maps noting constructed and natural features, discussing the impact of these on our local area. It was quite the insight!


Students put on their Technology hats to investigate the building of human habitats using recycled materials. We were lucky enough that the ‘Scrap Store’ project  just launched in our playground so children had an abundance of materials to choose from. Check out their creations! Can you spot any comfortable furnishings?


Inventor time! On a smaller scale students were challenged with making their own miniature building blocks using materials found in the kitchen. Salt dough was the perfect material - have a read of some of our comics that explain the process. Who knew a simple rectangular brick could make such incredible designs?!