They see the world like this

There has been a lot happening in Upper Primary over the last few weeks; missing Miss Jenny, studying a new IPC unit, welcoming new students and saying goodbye to others.
We said good-bye to Martina and wished her and her family an exciting, new start back in Spain. The students were very happy to have Vitor and Matheus return from Brazil and we welcome Ally from Mongolia and had a visit from Maria who will join us in January. We’re so happy to have you join our class, welcome!

The students have been really enjoying our new IPC unit, exploring the world from different perspectives, learning about what it means to be an artist, how to use and boost our creativity and how different famous artists have seen and do see the world.

We started our unit with a short tour of the local area, recording our impressions of sights, smells and sounds with photos, videos, drawings and notes.

The students were then able to communicate their impressions of the local area (and our host country Belgium!) through an art form of their choice. Year 2 and 4 particularly enjoyed the music, drama, dance, sculpture and painting presentations!

In Numeracy, Year 5 are busy finishing off learning about types of angles and comparing fractions and decimals, while Year 6 have been working on mixed number fractions and finding perimeter, area and volume.

The students are continuing to work on commas, clauses and adverbial phrases with their grammar and their 50 Word Stories are ready to be submitted to the short story competition. There have been some very creative and interesting pieces! We wish them all the best with their entries.

Over the last few weeks, Upper Primary have also been working on being responsible for fostering respect in the playground. They are doing this by using our ‘Wheel of Choices’ to help each other solve problems and communicate effectively.

Although we miss Miss Jenny, we are still having fun and learning a lot in Upper Primary while she is gone and we are looking forward to her returning to us soon!