That time of the year...

Over the last few weeks we have been busy learning more about transport. The children loved making our own special boats out of boxes, plastic pots, sticks and paper. We enjoyed playing with sand and the water tray and we explored the difference between floating and sinking. We practiced our fine motor skills while cutting and sticking photos of vehicles and we developed our gross motor skills while pretending to fly like an aeroplane, drive in a car and ride our bikes!

To end our transport unit, we went on a boat trip. Our guide told us all about his boat and told us some interesting stories and facts about the history of Ghent. It was such a nice day and a fun activity to celebrate the end of our transport unit. We would like to thank Sutapa (Spandan’s mum) who joined our trip and helped the children.

The last two weeks were all about Christmas! We made beautiful decorations and practiced our singing and dancing for the Christmas show. We were so proud to see our sweet little children preforming so well at the show. Well done everyone!

The highlight of the week was definitely baking and decorating our gingerbread man cookies. The children enjoyed the process so much. First we read the story about the gingerbread man, then we learned the song ‘Five gingerbread men lying on a tray’ and lastly, we made our own cookies. It is always a pleasure to watch this group of children work so well together. They cooperate and share, they help each other and encourage a friend who is facing a challenge. They also hug each other all the time, just because it’s nice and they like it.  

After the holidays, we are expecting three new friends. We have met them already and we can't wait to get to know them.

We wish you all happy holidays, enjoy your family and friends and we will meet again in 2019.

Happy New Year everyone!

Ms Inbal and Ms Anne.