Treasure, pirates, islands and lots of fun!


Ahoy matey! 

What fun we had during our "Treasure" IPC unit!

We started our unit with a great treasure hunt. All the children became little pirates with bandanas and a hunger for adventure! They followed a special map, avoided the scary shark, climbed on a boat and dug in the ground to find a hidden treasure chest filled with precious jewels and tasty snacks.

We read stories about pirates and decided to create our own pirate boat in class. All the children helped with painting the boat and then decorated it with their own drawings.

We learned a funny poem about pirates and talked about things that pirates like. The children brought a treasure from home and told their friends why it is so precious to them. They drew and cut out their treasure then stuck it into a special treasure chest.

We received a delivery of a box full of coins, jewelry and seashells. The children helped to sort it by using different categories such as color, shape, size and value. 

Learning about islands led us to a fun art project. We made our own little islands using play-doh, paint, shells and paper.

One of the best ways to learn is to experience new things. We brought sand and water trays into our classroom so we could all practice fishing treasure out from the water and uncovering it from the sand. The children loved playing in our new exploratory corner.

We sang and danced like pirates, made necklaces from salt dough and shells, and created parrots from paper rolls.  We counted coins, fish, boats and pirates. We even wrote our own story about a group of pirates who went to a tropical island to look for treasure. 

Many of us can recognize the ‘p’ sound for pirate and parrot but also for pizza, pancake, pretty, panda and princess. The children had a lot of fun feeding our stuffed animal panda with pictures of objects that start with ‘p’. What great practice for hearing letter sounds in words!

At the end of our studies, we had a lovely exit point! We celebrated the Treasure IPC unit by going on a real boat trip along the beautiful canals of Ghent. We saw the magnificent Gravensteen castle, a beautiful dragon, the smallest house in Ghent, and so much more... The children were thrilled. The amount of smiles that we had that day was enormous. Needless to say, our "Treasure" unit was a success!

Last week of school was special. We had a lovely art day together with Upper Pre-Primary, a fun run event with the whole school, and a good bye party for Miss Anne and Miss Sophie.

We read Todd Parr's The Goodbye Book and talked about things we can do when missing someone.

On the last day of school we had a summer party, full of love and hugs.

We would like to thank you dear parents and loved ones for all your trust and support. It was a wonderful year thanks to you and your amazing children!

We finished the year with a group of 16 sweet little people who learned so much and became more independent and confident. We believe in each one of them and know that they will go on to do wonderful things. Let them follow their dreams and shine like stars. Best of luck to all the lovely families we had this year - we will carry you in our hearts forever.

Enjoy your summer holiday!

With love


Miss Inbal, Miss Anne and Miss Sophie