We are all about Chocolate!!!

Hi all,

Lots of learning going on in Year 2!

We have delved into our maths programme where the children have been learning to use money, we set up a little shop in our classroom for them to really get the feeling of buying and selling.  We have explored 2D shapes and their properties. The children have also been learning to measure in decimetres, centimetres and meters, they have been measuring each other, the length and width of our classroom and corridor, amongst other things! They now know which measurement is best for measuring big or small objects.

Part of our grammar focus has been on punctuation, which is always tricky for children, so we have been working hard on this through reading and writing, we have also been learning to use question words and proper nouns correctly.

Our IPC project ‘Chocolate’ continues to grasp the children. The last weeks we zoomed in on the science and the health benefits of chocolate and also dental hygiene.
The children have been exploring the temperatures needed to melt chocolate and then how to harden it. This learning was merged with a workshop prepared by Zarah’s Mum, where the children learnt to make ‘Belgium Pralines’…..OH SO DELICIOUS! And a big thank you to Vera for taking the time to do this.

Our Exit Point was a trip to the Choco Museum in Bruges. We consolidated all that has been learnt the last weeks and the children enjoyed a workshop where they made lots of goodies!!!

We have celebrated Mirei’s birthday this month, a little party in the classroom is always a lovely way to end the day. Thank you for the treats!!

Anais received the Headmasters Award this Assembly for being so dedicated to her learning. Well done Anais!

Until our next Blog.

Ms. Rebecca