We love Patterns!

To celebrate Autumn the children collected, pressed and painted leaves in many colours!

Then our work on ‘Patterns’ began and what a fun time we have had. Life will never be the same again, we see patterns everywhere! We began our unit with a super ‘entry point’. The children came to school dressed in clothes with as many patterns as possible. The children described their patterns to each other and then had to reproduce one of their patterns on paper. We played pattern games in the garden with all the children from Pre-Primary. The children had lots of fun running to escape the hungry crocodile! (Miss Mia) To further develop their understanding of patterns we went on a ‘pattern walk’ in our neighbourhood. The children discovered our world is most definitely filled with patterns. We took many photos of the patterns with which the children made their own ‘class pattern book’. The children have been very creative during this unit. They made dolls with patterned clothes, they made patterns with Henna and even made mosaics. They created many beautiful pictures by themselves using patterns. We looked at patterns in art and explored patterns with paint and sand. For our exploration of patterns in the animal kingdom we went to visit the natural history museum in Gent. We read stories about ‘Elmer’ the patterned elephant and made our own patterned elephants. During this work we talked about how we are all different and all special. During the unit it was lovely to see the children so interested and involved in their own learning. They brought so many objects from their homes with patterns. Our ‘pattern table’ was very full! Well done everyone!

We looked at patterns in rhymes and learnt a limerick! If you haven’t heard it already ask your child to recite it!

For our exit point we went on a fantastic trip to the S.M.A.K museum in Gent. We had a guide who led us on our search for patterns in art. She even showed the children how to draw birds which they filled with patterns back at school!

The last two weeks were all about Christmas, making cards, presents, painting patterned Christmas trees and of course practising for and performing in our Christmas concert. The children were fantastic, I hope you were as proud of them as I was!

A big congratulations to Alyssa and Paizley who both turned five this month!

I wish you all very happy holidays and a wonderful new year. See you in January!