Welcome and Farewell

This was a very busy term filled with many activities.
First, we would like to welcome three new students from Saudi Arabia. We have Lujain, Jood and Felwa who joined us in January. A Very big welcome to the three of you and we hope you will enjoy your time here at ISG.
I will also take this opportunity to say a big farewell to Aryan. Aryan has been in ISG for 4 years. We will miss you dearly Aryan and best of luck for the future.

In IPC we had a look at ‘Feel the Force’, we learned about magnetism, gravity and friction.  As part of our entry point we had a tug-of-war challenge in a local park. We had a lot of fun conducting our Rocket Balloon experiment testing out different forces. We also wrote our own instructions as part of a writing activity. We were fortunate enough to have Mrs Christian to come and talk to us about the effect of forces and frictions on trains.

We went to the BOZAR concert in Brussels where we attended a dance workshop. We had Mrs Sterre teaching us different moves, which we had to perform together with a big orchestra; this was spectacular and a very special day.

Year 4 had the opportunity to go with their buddy-class to the bakery as part of their Shopping IPC Unit. They accompanied the little once and helped them to buy chocolate cookies. Afterwards they enjoyed eating the cookies.

We finished our term with a carnival dress up day and a class party. Everyone looked amazing, thank you for a fun day full of smiles and laughter.

Have a nice holiday and see you all in a weeks’ time.


Mrs Anelda and Miss Eszter