Welcome to Lower Primary

Hello everybody and welcome to the Lower Primary Blog.

It has been a great start of the year, I feel so honoured to get the chance to learn with your wonderful children and I am really enjoying getting to know them.

Over the last three weeks we have been reviewing some numeracy and literacy topics, practicing our reading and most importantly we have been adjusting to our new routines and environment….Luckily we all are very resilient and the class has shown great adaptability…we are already feeling at home here in Primary. Well done everybody!

As a class we discussed how important it is to be able to play and learn together. In Lower Primary we have 8 “golden rules’: Be a friend. Listen. Share. Help clean up. Wait for your turn. Raise your hand. Walk do not run. Keep your hands to yourself.

During our first week we also talked about our brain and how it loves to take on challenges. We now know that not giving up when something seems difficult will help our brain to establish new connections and when we try again it will be easier. We talked about both fixed and growth mindsets and their differences. We want to work towards having a growth mindset and will do our best to achieve it!

I also would like to congratulate Lower Primary students for their amazing performance at their first spelling test. Sitting down quietly, concentrating, listening to the dictation, writing the words correctly and doing all of these at the same time is not an easy task! It was our first spelling test and I was very proud to see many perfect scores!

During this week we also had our entry point. Our IPC project is called “Sensational’. We will learn all about the 5 senses, how they work and how we use them. We will also explore how our brain is the master behind our senses. Keep posted to see all of our super fun learning activities!


Have a lovely weekend and see you next time!